Home Water Purifier Industry in India, 2014 - 2019

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The home water purifier industry in India covers intelligence on the market size, growth, industry trends, industry attractiveness, and Porters analysis. The report covers fiscal years 2014 through 2019.

Water pollution and depleting water tables are the main reasons for contamination of water bodies and water related diseases in India. Water borne diseases account for 77% of all diseases in the country. Increasing awareness of water related diseases accompanied by the lack of pure drinking water will drive this industrys growth in India.

Key Findings:

- The home water purifier industry in India is currently valued at INR 34bn (~USD 567 million) in FY 2014, has been growing at ~20% for the last three years. ValueNotes estimates that the industry will be worth approximately INR 91.9 billion (~USD 1.53 billion) by FY 2019, growing at a CAGR of 22%.
- The market is dominated by organized players and their share will increase in the coming years
- RO water purifiers segment has the maximum share in the home water purifier industry

The report includes profiles of the top-5 players with a brief overview about their product and service offerings, key financial ratios, strategies, etc.

Executive Summary

1. Industry Structure
- Home water purifier industry structure
- Evolution of home water purifier industry in India
- Industry supply chain

2. Market Overview
- Market size & growth
- Industry segmentation by product type
- Urban vs. rural segmentation
- Segmentation by end-user
- Consumption by season
- Segmentation by region
- Segmentation by price

3. Driver and Inhibitors
- Water borne diseases
- Scarcity of clean drinking water
- Low penetration of water purifiers
- Rise in income and consumption
- Growth in residential real estate market
- Low awareness
- Lack of government standards

4. Industry trends
- Trends
- Recent developments

5. Industry Analysis
- Porters analysis of home water purifier industry in India
- Industry attractiveness

6. Competitive Environment
- Organized vs. unorganized
- Market share of key players
- Market share of key players segment wise
- Price vs. quality matrix
- Manufacturing locations of key players
- Competitive benchmarking of top players in India

7. Profile of key players
- Eureka Forbes Ltd.
- Kent RO Systems Ltd.
- Tata Chemicals Ltd.
- Hindustan Unilever Ltd.
- Ion Exchange Ltd.

8. Annexure
- Water pollution in India
- Water related diseases
- Environmental Performance Index Ranking
- Real estate market in India

9. Appendix

List of Charts and Tables

Chart 1 Share of home water purifiers in small appliances
Chart 2 Home water purifier market Size & Growth
Chart 3 Water purifier market in India for FY 2014 segmented by product type
Chart 4 Home water purifier market in India segmentation by urban vs. rural
Chart 5 Home water purifier market segmentation by end user
Chart 6 Home water purifier market sales by season
Chart 7 Segmentation by price of key players in the industry
Chart 8 Cholera cases in India
Chart 9 Diarrhea cases per 100 children in India
Chart 10 Water supply in India
Chart 11 Rise in per capita income in India
Chart 12 Consumer breakdown by income level India (USD Mn)
Chart 13 Market size of real estate industry in India
Chart 14 Residential demand in India
Chart 15 Porters analysis of home water purifier industry in India
Chart 16 Home water purifier market segmentation by organized vs. unorganized in value
Chart 17 Market share of key players by value
Chart 18 Market share of key RO purifiers in value
Chart 19 Market share of key UV purifiers in value
Chart 20 Market share of key offline purifiers in value
Chart 21 Home water purifier market price vs. quality matrix by trade perception
Chart 22 Manufacturing locations of key players in pan India
Chart 23 Annual turnover of Eureka Forbes Ltd.
Chart 24 Key manufacturing locations Eureka Forbes
Chart 25 Annual turnover of Kent RO Systems Ltd.
Chart 26 Key manufacturing locations Kent RO Systems Ltd.
Chart 27 Annual turnover of Tata Chemicals Ltd.
Chart 28 Key manufacturing locations Tata Chemicals Ltd.
Chart 29 Annual turnover of Hindustan Unilever Ltd.
Chart 30 Key manufacturing locations Hindustan Unilever Ltd.
Chart 31 Annual turnover of Ion Exchange Ltd.
Chart 32 Key manufacturing locations Ion Exchange Ltd.
Chart 33 EPI ranking for the year 2014
Chart 34 Number of new major projects in 2014-15
Chart 35 Increase in urbanization over years

Table 1 Recent developments in home water purifier industry
Table 2 Manufacturing locations of key players
Table 3 Competitive benchmarking of top players in India
Table 4 Financial indicators of Eureka Forbes Ltd.
Table 5 Financial indicators of Kent RO Systems Ltd.
Table 6 Financial indicators of Tata Chemicals Ltd.
Table 7 Financial indicators of Hindustan Unilever Ltd.
Table 8 Financial indicators of Ion Exchange Ltd.
Table 9 Water related diseases in India

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