Feasibility Study of Wind Power in India-2014: A Guide to Investors and Developers

Nov, 2014   |   100  Pages   |   iData Insights   |   Format : PDF

This is an Investor Series report which provides the information on:

- Wind Turbine Design and Characteristics
- Permits and Licensing
- Site Selection Criteria
- Economics and Financial Model
- Operations and Maintenance
- Modern Trends in Wind Farms
- Case Study in Wind Sector
- Grid Connection
- Types of Generators and Controllers

This report will be divided in to 9 chapters which covers information Wind Turbine Characteristics, Turbine Design and Characteristics, Controller and Generators, Types of Control Systems, Types of Generators, Electrical Dynamics of Wind Turbine Model, Modern Trends in Wind Farms, Offshore Wind Turbine Development, Development of Off-shore Wind Equipment Technologies, Simplified Off-shore Wind Farm, A Study of Indian Wind Energy Potential, etc.

A must buy for:

Entrepreneurs, Plant Developers, Equity Investors, Equipment Manufacturers, Regulatory Agencies, Banks, Project Financiers, Investment Banks, Consultants, Policy Makers, Technology Providers, Government Agencies, Regulatory Institutions, RE Development Agencies, Central & State Power Players, Financial Institutions, Research Institutes, Private Equity Firms, etc.

1. Introduction
a. Background
b. All about Wind Energy
c. Power in a Wind Stream
d. Capacity Factor

2. Wind Turbine
a. Wind Turbine Generator Units
b. Horizontal Axis Wind Turbines(HAWT's)
c. Types of HAWT's
d. Vertical Wind Axis Turbines (VAWT's)
e. Types of VAWT's
f. Internal Components of Wind Turbine

3. Wind Turbine Design and Characteristics
a. Design of Wind Turbine Rotor
b. Choice of the number of blades
c. Choice of the pitch angle
d. Power Speed Characteristics
e. Torque Speed Characteristics
f. Coef? cient of Power
g. Wind Turbine Ratings and Specifications

4. Controller and Generators
a. Controllers
b. Functions of Controller in the Wind Turbine Construct
c. Types of Control Systems
i. Pitch Control
i. Stall Control
ii. Generator Torque Control
iii. Yaw Control
d. Generators
i. Synchronous Generator
ii. Asynchronous Generator

5. Grid Connection
a. Types of Wind Energy Systems
b. Wind to Electrical Energy Conversion
c. Introduction to Grid Connection
d. Electrical Dynamics of Wind Turbine Generator Model

6. Modern Trends in Wind Farms
a. Basic Offshore Wind Technology
b. Offshore Wind Turbine Development
c. Development of Offshore Wind Farm-key technologies
d. Simpli? ed Off-shore Wind Farm
e. Off shore Wind Development Abroad
f. Aggregation

7. A Study of Indian Wind Energy Potential
a. Indian Scenario
b. Weibull Distribution
c. Program Code

8. Case Study
9. Conclusion

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