Changing Business Landscape and New Set of Challenges & Opportunities in LPG market in India

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The incumbent government is in a full swing to bring the economy back on its feet. The government has signaled that in the days to come, the market realities will come thick and fast, giving the economy a much needed respite from subdued prices and subsidy. It is estimated that the combined subsidy from subsidized LPG cylinder and Kerosene It is only a matter of time that the economy is given a bitter medicine, which will have a ripple effect on regions and markets. It is expected that the government will increase the price of domestic LPG cylinder by INR 5/cylinder in a phased manner. The overall subsidy on HSD, domestic LPG and Kerosene is estimated to be INR 115,548 Crore, out of which domestic LPG accounts for a whopping 44% at INR 50,324 Crore.

The report, Changing Business Landscape and New Set of Challenges & Opportunities in LPG market in India, conceived by InfraInsights is rightly timed and designed to provide an in-depth assessment of key elements such as: Changes in the historic subsidy regime in LPG segment, Impact of domestic LPG price recovery on end-user market, New set of opportunities & challenges for Oil Marketing Companies and Parallel Marketing Companies in LPG and outlook on likely changes in the overall LPG business landscape in India. The contents of the report are elaborate and the framework as such is designed not only for the LPG import and retail & marketing companies but also for the

1. Executive Summary
2. Decoding the LPG market in India, by- Supply sources, Suppliers and Consumers
3. Evolution of LPG market in India and how LPG has created a space for itself in the end-user market
4. Price comparision of LPG viz-a-viz other fuels on heat equivalent basis , and impact of gradual subsidy recovery on domestic LPG.
5. Analyzing the various Business Models adopted in the Indian LPG sector by both OMCs and PMCs
6. Understanding the current and evolving LPG policy reforms (subsidy, marketing, pricing and utilization) and their impact on the LPG industry
7. Competitive landscape for LPG in India, including the impact of Piped Natural Gas on LPG industry: As Natural Gas and LPG are competing fuels
8. Factors impacting the demand-supply of LPG
9. Key issues and drivers for LPG market in India
10. Update on the Current and Evolving LPG infrastructure in the country
11. Outlook on the investments in LPG sector in India
12. LPG Demand Side Analysis: Potential demand based on application
13. LPG Demand Side Analysis: Potential demand based on region
14. LPG Supply Side Analysis: Entire country and regional split, based on domestic capacity & capacity addition and through-put variations
15. Analysis of the international LPG prices and LPG import trend in the country
16. Understanding the LPG subsidy trend
17. SWOT analysis of LPG industry in India based on the overall business environment
18. InfraInsights strategic outlook on the potential gains, opportunities and growth prospects in LPG business in India, based on the changing dynamics of LPG and alternate fuel in the country

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