Hydro power in North East India - under construction and planned projects

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India is endowed with huge hydropower potential that remains largely untapped. According to the last re-assessment studies conducted by Central Electricity Authority, the country has identified hydropower generation capacity of 148701 MW. Out of this only 23.88% has been tapped, another 8.51% is under-construction and the remaining 67.60% remains untouched.

North East Region: Hydro Power holds the key

In view of this rising demand for power for rising India and the worsening coal shortage issue, it is only sensible to develop and exploit the vast hydropower resource available in India in general and Northeast India in particular. With Northeast India alone bearing 58971 MW power potential (excluding Sikkim) out of which only 2.13% is utilized and another 4.82% under development, a massive 54304 MW of hydro power, translating to 93.06% of the total potential, is waiting to be tapped.

Keeping in mind the huge hydropower potential in North East which is yet to be exploited fully, IndianPetroGroup is coming up with a data driven, comprehensive business report titled Hydropower in North East India: The Challenges and Opportunities for potential investors, developers and other stakeholders. The report will feature detailed information of all under-construction and planned hydropower projects in the Northeast India, covering the states of Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Sikkim, Manipur, Tripura, Meghalaya, Mizoram and Nagaland. The report will analyse the resource potential of the states through different parameters and come up with a ranking matrix for all NE states. The report will help identify business opportunity for investors and developers and provide insights on the business environment of each of the states of the region specifically.

Significant Highlights of the report:

State wise hydro potential in India and the development status so far
Basin wise study of hydro power in North East states
PPP in hydro power development and the role of private power producers
State wise comparison of policies and regulations in NE states
Detailed SWOT analysis of the sector with special emphasis on NE states
Stakeholders long pending issues and concerns regarding hydro power development
Ranking of NE states basis critical parameters for hydro power development

Stakeholders concerns to be addressed:

1. What is the status of hydro power development in India, particularly in NE states?
2. What are the constraints impeding much needed investment in hydro power?
3. Is there any special provision from centres look North East Approach that incentivise the project developers to invest in NE states?
4. Which is the best state for hydro power development in the region?
5. What are the under construction projects in the region and their current status of development?
6. What are the projects in the pipeline (more than 25MW) in the region?
7. Who are the developers and what is the investment committed towards hydro power development in NE states?

Target Audience:

- Private Investors
- Power Producers
- Power Distributors
- Power Equipment Suppliers
- Infrastructure Companies
- Ministries and Government Bodies
- Policy Makers

Value Proposition:

- Easy to read PDF format
- Quarterly updates
- Trial Subscription of Indian Petro
- Analyst Support

1. Executive Summary
2. Power Scenario in India
3. Hydropower in India: Potential and Development
4. Hydropower in North East India: Potential and Development
5. SWOT Analysis on hydro power development in the region
6. Policy and regulatory landscape for hydropower development
7. Stakeholders Issues and Concerns
8. Ranking of NE States in terms of hydropower development
9. Hydropower Projects in NE States ( above 25MW)
10. The Way Forward

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