Sectoral Capsule-Biofuels in India - A Balm to Alleviate Oil Import Bill

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In the face of dwindling conventional reserves and increasing global warming, green energy is becoming the need of the hour.

Oil prices are constantly rising, as is its demand, resulting in depleted stocks of petroleum, coal and natural gas. Hence, search for alternative energy sources becomes critical. One such competent replacement of non-renewable fossil fuels is biofuel.

These comprise fuels resulting from biomass conversion, solid biomass, liquid fuels and other biogases. The most common biofuels are bioethanol or ethanol and biodiesel.

With a population of 1.2 billion and the economy projected to grow at 8 percent per year for the next five years, Indias demand for energy is escalating. The country is the fifth-largest primary energy consumer and the fourth-largest petroleum user. Further, improving infrastructure, socio-economic developments, increasing urbanisation, and growing consumer spending have more than doubled the countrys energy consumption.

Not surprisingly, Indias crude oil import has been on the rise since the last few decades. It reached an alarmingly high level in FY2013, with USD 144.29 billion (for 184.79 million metric tonnes). It is estimated that by 2020, Indias oil dependency will increase to 90 percent from the current 80 percent.

The transport sector is the greatest consumer - 51 percent - of petroleum products. Traffic on road has been growing at 7

1. Overview
1.1 Global
1.2 Indian

2. Industry Overview
2.1 Current Scenario
2.2 Industry Trends
2.3 Growth Drivers
2.4 Critical Success Factor

3. Market Segmentation
3.1 Ethanol
3.2 Biodiesel

4. Policy, Rules and Regulation
4.1 Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)
4.2 EXIM Policy
4.3 Minimum Support Price (MSP)

5. Investment

6. Issues and Challenges

7. Opportunities

8. Outlook

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