India Energy Sector Outlook 2017: Assessing Likely Demand - Supply Scenario for Electricity, Coal, Oil & Gas by 2017

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Over the past 2-3 years there has been little to cheer about for companies in the energy sector in India and 2013 most likely will be remembered as an year that saw a new low in terms of growth in the energy. The policy paralysis or indecision has led to a grinding halt in new investments in energy & infrastructure sector and the companies are awaiting for a fresh lease of life that 2014 is anticipated to bring about. However, some of the bold steps taken by government at the centre in 2013 has set a positive tone for some of the sectors in the larger energy envelop; for instance, doubling of gas price from $4.2 per mmbtu to $8.4 mmbtu over premise that it will spur investment in the oil and gas exploration and production segment is one of such bold step taken by the government. Announcement of shale gas policy which defined role of PSU Oil & Gas companies like ONGC, OVL etc. is another such important policy that would take India a step further on its effort to be self reliant in terms of serving energy needs. In renewable energy industry, solar roof-top took centre stage in 2013 and generation based incentive was re-introduced to spur growth in stagnating wind energy sector. A green grid concept also was crystallized in 2013 which would efficiently integrate intermittent source of power generation and immune the national grid from any bottleneck that could lead to blackout as seen in July, 2012. In Coal sector, CIL remained in

1. Executive Summary

2. Power Sector
a. Central Generation Sector
i. State Generation Sector
ii. Private Sector
b. Power Capacity by Fuel Type by 2017
i. Thermal Power Capacity by 2017
ii. Hydro Power Capacity by 2017
iii. Wind Power Capacity by 2017
iv. Solar Power Capacity by 2017
v. Nuclear Power Capacity by 2017
vi. Biomass Power Capacity by 2017
c. AT&C Losses in different states by 2017
d. Transmission Capacity by 2017
i. By State Transmission Utility
ii. By Central Transmission Utility (PGCIL)
e. Distribution Capacity by 2017
i. By different discoms
f. Power Demand ~ Supply Scenario in Different States by 2017
i. Peak Deficit
ii. Energy Deficit
g. Power Consumption by Different User Segment by 2017
i. Industry
ii. Commercial
iii. Residential
h. Power Prices by 2017
i. Open Access by 2017
j. Smart Grid by 2017

3. Coal Sector
a. Coal Demand by 2017
b. Coal Supply by 2017
c. Coal Imports by 2017
d. Coal Supply by CIL by 2017
e. Coal Washeries by 2017
f. Captive Coal Mining by 2017

4. Oil and Gas Sector Outlook
a. Refining Capacity by 2017
b. CNG Consumption by 2017
c. LPG Consumption by 2017
d. HSD Consumption by 2017
e. Gas Demand and Supply Scenario by 2017
f. Gas Supply Network by 2017
g. LNG Demand by 2017
h. LNG Supply Capacity by 2017
i. FSRU Capacity by 2017

5. Emerging Regulatory and Policy Landscape
a. Coal Regulator
b. Land Acquisition Bill
c. Gas Price Hike
d. Renewable / Hydro Power Purchase Obligation
e. Revenue Sharing Contracts in Oil & Gas
f. Privatization in Electricity Distribution

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