LNA India LNG Market Outlook Report (Q2 2014)- Analysis of Supply/Demand, Terminals, Investments, Companies, Market Conditions and New Opportunites

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India LNG market Outlook report from LNGANALYSIS provides profound analysis and complete data on each segment of India LNG value chain. The report also provides detail forecasts of LNG supply, LNG demand, contracts, market outlook along with major trends and challenges of investing in the market. Further, historical and forecasted information on LNG plants, storage tanks and LNG carriers is provided for each of the existing and planned LNG terminals in India.

The research work provides historical and forecasted analysis of India LNG industry for a period of 16 years from 2005 to 2020. For the first time, you will find the sales and purchase agreements (SPAs), trade movements, prices along with an illustrative map in one single report. In addition, the report provides the construction details, capital investments and feasibility of planned projects. The report also forecasts natural gas production and consumption data between 2000 and 2020.

Also, analytical tools including benchmark with peer markets and positioning map are provided. India market structure is clearly described with supporting data on market shares of each company between 2005 and 2020. The report is designed in a complete user friendly and time saving pattern to provide you more information on each page of the report. Designed to meet all your LNG data and analysis requirements at one location, the report drives its data from LNGANALYSIS. Analysis in the report is provided from in-house and

1 Table of Contents
1.1 List of Tables
1.2 List of Figures

2 Executive Summary
2.1 India Market Snapshot, 2014
2.2 India Gas Production and Consumption Outlook, 2005- 2025
2.3 India LNG Supply/Demand Outlook, 2005- 2020
2.4 India LNG Capital Investment Outlook, 2012- 2020
2.5 India Liquefaction/Regasification Capacity Outlook, 2005-2020
2.6 India LNG Market Structure, 2013

3 India Natural Gas Market Outlook
3.1 India Proven Gas Reserve Volume, 2000- 2013
3.2 India Natural Gas Production Outlook, 2005-2020
3.3 India Natural Gas Demand Outlook, 2005-2020
3.4 Role of Gas in India Primary Energy Demand, 2014

4 India Demographic and Economic Outlook
4.1 India Map, Location and Coastline Details
4.2 India GDP Forecast, 2005- 2025
4.3 India Population Forecast, 2005- 2025
4.4 India Total Investments (% of GDP) Forecast, 2005- 2025
4.5 India Final Household Consumption Expenditure Forecast, 2005- 2025

5 India LNG Industry SWOT Analysis
5.1 Key Strenghts of Operating/ Investing in India LNG Industry
5.2 Key Weaknesses of of Operating/ Investing in India LNG Industry
5.3 Potential Opportunities Available in India LNG Industry
5.4 Potential Threats Faced by Companies Operating in India LNG Industry

6 India LNG Infrastructure Details
6.1 Operational LNG Terminals in India- Location, Start Up, Capacity,
Technology, Storage, Trains, Tanks, Operator, Ownership Details
6.2 Planned LNG Terminals in India- Location, Start Up, Capacity, Technology,
Storage, Trains, Tanks, Operator, Ownership Details

7 India LNG Capacity Outlook to 2020
7.1 India Liquefaction/Regasification Capacity Outlook, 2005- 2020
7.2 India LNG Capacity Forecast by Terminal, 2005- 2020
7.3 India LNG Trains Count Forecast by Terminal, 2005- 2020
7.4 India LNG Storage Capacity Forecast by Terminal, 2005- 2020
7.5 India LNG Storage Tanks Count Forecast by Terminal, 2005-2020

8 India LNG Capex and Construction Details
8.1 Capex Details of Planned LNG Terminals in India
8.2 India LNG Industry Capital Investment Forecast, 2013- 2020

9 India LNG Industry Benchmarking With Peer Markets, 2013
9.1 Overall Ranking
9.2 Trade Index
9.3 Capacity Index
9.4 Contracts Index
9.5 Growth Index
9.6 Competition Index

10 India LNG Trade and Contract Details
10.1 India LNG Trade by Country, 2013
10.2 India LNG Sale Purchase Agreement Details by Partner
10.3 India Contracted vs Available LNG Capacity, 2005- 2020

11 India LNG Markets, Competitive Overview
11.1 India, Company wise LNG Capacity, 2005-2020
11.2 India, Company Market Shares (%), 2013
11.3 India, Company Market Shares (%), 2020

12 India LNG Industry News and Recent Developments

13 Appendix
13.1 About Us
13.2 Sources and Methodology
13.3 Contact Us
13.4 Disclaimer

List of Tables

Table 1: India LNG Markets- Key Information, 2014
Table 2: Annual Planned LNG Capex in India LNG Markets, 2012- 2020
Table 3: Forecast of India LNG Capacity, 2005- 2020
Table 4: India Proven Gas Reserves, 2000- 2013
Table 5: India Marketed Gas Production Forecast, 2005- 2020
Table 6: India Gas Consumption in Domestic Markets, 2005- 2020
Table 7: India Existing LNG Plants- Location, Start Up, Capacity, Technology, Storage, Trains, Tanks, Operator, Ownership Details
Table 8: India Planned LNG Projects- Location, Start Up, Capacity, Technology, Storage, Trains, Tanks, Operator, Ownership Details
Table 9: India Country Level LNG Capacity Forecast, 2005- 2020
Table 10: India Terminal Level LNG Capacity Outlook, 2005- 2020
Table 11: India Terminal Level LNG Trains Count Outlook, 2005- 2020
Table 12: India Terminal Level LNG Storage Capacity Outlook, 2005- 2020
Table 13: India Terminal Level LNG Storage Tanks Count Outlook, 2005- 2020
Table 14: India Planned LNG- Constructor, Technology, Current Status (Construction/Pre-FEED/FEED/FID/Approvals), Expected Start Up Details
Table 15: India Annual LNG Capital Investment Outlook, 2013- 2020
Table 16: India LNG Market Comparision- Overall Ranking
Table 17: India LNG Market Comparision- Trade Index
Table 18: India LNG Market Comparision- Capacity Index
Table 19: India LNG Market Comparision- Contracts Index
Table 20: India LNG Market Comparision- Growth Index
Table 21: India LNG Market Comparision- Companies Index
Table 22: India LNG Exports and/ Imports by Partner Country
Table 23: India Long Term LNG SPA Details
Table 24: India Contracted Capacity and Un Contracted Capacity, 2005- 2020
Table 25: India Company wise LNG Capacity Forecast, 2005- 2020

List of Figures

Figure 1: India Gas Production and Demand Forecast, 2005- 2025
Figure 2: India LNG Import/Export Outlook, 2005- 2020
Figure 3: Leading LNG Companies in India and their Market Shares, 2013
Figure 4: India Proven Gas Reserves, 2000- 2013
Figure 5: India Primary Energy Mix, 2014
Figure 6: India Map and Geographic Boundaries
Figure 7: India GDP (Current Prices) Outlook, 2005- 2025
Figure 8: India Population (Millions) Outlook, 2005- 2025
Figure 9: India Total Investments (%GDP) Outlook, 2005- 2025
Figure 10: India Disposable Income Outlook, 2005- 2025
Figure 11: Algreia LNG Market Structure, 2013
Figure 12: Algreia LNG Market Structure, 2020

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