Solar Power Outlook in India: MW Under Development in India-2013

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Globally, Solar Power has emerged as the fastest growing Renewable Energy technology driven primarily by cost reduction, sustained policy support, increasing investors interest, launch of new applications in the market and tariff digression. Even in India, growth of solar power which was more or less stagnant picked up in the last 2-3 years with increase in grid-connected solar PV capacity from 2.12 MW in March 2009 to 1173.5 MW by Sept 2012.

Policy support from state as well as Central governments has further created huge interest in this technology in India. Various Indian and international companies have expressed interest in setting up generation capacities across the country. Around 5953 MW of solar PV power is under various stages of development in the country as of September 2011. Of this, around 3114 MW is under construction, and 2839 MW is in planning stage. In addition, government is also laying emphasis on the development of solar thermal power in India which had no presence in India till as late as onset of 2011. As a result another 3202 MW of solar thermal power is also under development in the country which includes 538 MW under construction and 2664 MW is under planning stage.

India has also emerged as an aspiring solar PV producer with solar cell production in the country registering a CAGR of 125.4% during 2007-11. Moreover, high solar radiation, rise in foreign trade, fall in prices of raw materia

UNIT 1: A Global Perspective
Renewable Energy
Growing Importance of Renewable Energy
Renewable Energy Power Generation- Size and Growth
Leading Countries in Renewable Energy
Global Solar Industry
Solar PV
Solar Thermal Heating and Cooling
Concentrating Solar Thermal Power (CSP)
Global Wind Energy
Global Biomass Energy
Global Renewable Energy Investment Trends
Renewable Energy Policy- Global Status
Solar Power
Importance of Solar Energy
Global Installed Solar Capacity by Technology- Size & Growth
Solar Photovoltaic
Concentrating Solar Power (CSP)
Country-wise Solar Power Capacity Addition
Country-wise Solar PV Capacity Addition Trends
The EU
The US
Other Countries
Country-wise Solar CSP Capacity Addition Trends
The US
Other Countries
Investment Trends
Solar Power Investment by Type
VC/PE New Investment by Technology
Public Market Investment by Technology
Asset Financing Investment by Technology
Cost of Solar Power
Solar PV
Concentrating Solar Power
Status and Importance of Policy
Renewable energy portfolio Standard (RPS)
Investment Tax Credits
Net Metering
Cost Competitiveness
Variability of Output with Sunlight Level
Overdependence on Government Subsidies
Future Trends and Outlook

UNIT 2: Solar Power in India
Present Status & Growth Trends
Renewable Energy Scenario in India
Size & Growth
Role of Policy
Indias Renewable Energy Goal
Overall Cost Reduction
Price Reductions
Solar Power in India
Solar Power Potential
Trends in Grid-Interactive Solar Energy Development in India
Statewise Status of Solar PV Power Development
Solar Thermal
Cost Reduction Trends
Issue & Challenges in Development of
Solar Power in India
Site Selection
Grid Integration
The Cost of Installation of Grid-Connected Solar PV & Thermal
Power Plants
Inadequate Financing Support
Solar Power Imperative in India
Electricity Deficit Situation in India
Rising Import Dependence
Kyoto Protocol
Grid Demand Synergy
Rural Electrification
Off-grid Solar Power
Off-grid Solar PV Installations
Off-grid Solar Thermal installations
Off Grid Applications
Off grid Lighting systems
Case Study: SELCO Solar Light
Model (PV Technology)
Solar Cities
Solar Water Pumping
Telecom Towers
Solar Water heating Systems
Solar Cooker and Steam generating
Distribution models for off grid
applications adopted by companies in India
Government Initiatives
Solar lantern program
Remote Village Solar Lighting Program (RVSLP)
Rooftop PV Programme
State-Level Initiatives for Off-grid Solar
Power Development
Andhra Pradesh
Tamil Nadu
North-Eastern States
Policy and Regulation
Institutional Structure: Policy and Regulation
Policy Framework
Regulatory Framework
CERCs Solar Power Tariff Regulations, 2012
State-wise Feed-in-tariff For Solar PV State-wise Feed-in-tariff for Solar (Thermal)
MNRE Strategic Plan for Renewable Energy Targets and Goals
Targets for Grid-Interactive Renewable Power
National Solar Mission
Targets achieved under Phase I
Projects under Batch I, Phase I
Details of Batch II, Phase I
Current Status of Phase I Projects
Targets for Phase II
State-level Solar Policies
Tamil Nadu
Madhya Pradesh
Andhra Pradesh
Solar Renewable Purchase Obligation in India
State-wise Status of Solar RPO Compliance
Role of REC Mechanism in Promoting Solar Sector
Present status of solar REC trading Details of Solar REC projects
Financing the Solar Sector
Investment Trends in Renewable Sector in India
Sources of Financing
Consumer Finance
Corporate Finance
Debt Financing
Equity Financing
Lease Financing
Different Sources of Corporate
Government Budgetary Support
Multilateral Agencies
United Nations Environment
World Bank
International Finance Corporation
Asian Development Bank
Private Equity and Venture Capital
Clean Energy Funds
Capital Market
Sensitivity Analysis of sources of funds on IRR
Recent Investment and Financing
Key Financing Challenges
Limited Non recourse Financing
Cost of financing
Sector limits on Financial Institutions
Investment in the Power sector
New Financial Instruments to safeguard
Partial Credit Guarantee
Political Insurance Facility for Foreign

UNIT 3: Solar Technology & Manufacturing
An Introduction to Solar Technology
Solar Photovoltaic Technology
Components of Solar PV System
Types of Solar Cell
Comparison of Solar Cells by Types
Application of Solar Cells
CSP Technology
Linear Fresnel Reflectors (line focus, fixed receiver)
Parabolic Troughs (line focus, mobile receiver)
Solar Towers (point focus, fixed receiver)
Parabolic Dishes (point focus, mobile receiver)
Comparison of Different Solar Thermal
Power Technologies
Status of Solar Technology in India- Case Studies
Solar PV Manufacturing & Business Model
Solar PV value Chain
Key Features of Each Link
Raw Material
Key Players across the Solar PV Value-Chain in India
Solar PV Manufacturing
Global Solar PV Production
Global Modules Production
Global Solar Cells Production
Solar PV Manufacturing Landscape An Indian Perspective
Modules Production
Module Cost Structure
Solar Cells Production
India Solar Cell, Exports Vs imports
Recent trends in PV Equipment
Issues and Challenges faced by
Solar PV Manufacturers in India
Business Models
PEST Analysis
Porters Five Forces Analysis

UNIT 4: Solar Energy Outlook & Profiles
Future Outlook
Analysis of Solar Power Under Various
Stages of Development
By Technology
Solar PV
Solar Thermal
By State
By Players
Private Sector
Central Sector
State Sector
Solar Plant Details#
Solar Plant Details
Solar PV Plant Details
Solar Thermal Plant Details
Solar PV Manufacturing Company
Solar Semiconductor
Tata Power Solar
EMMVEE Solar System
Synergy Renewable Energy Pvt. Ltd
Moser Baer Solar Limited
PLG Power Limited
Titan Energy Systems, Ltd.
Indosolar Ltd.
Websol Energy Systems Ltd.
Jupiter Solar Power Ltd

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