Coal Projects in India 2014

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The report Coal Projects in India 2014 will provide the most comprehensive and up to date information on owner-wise coal projects in India for over 85 projects. It will include projects from below mentioned companies.

Northern Coalfields Limited (NCL)

Singareni Collieries Company Ltd. (SCCL)

South Eastern Coalfields Limited (SCL)

North Eastern Coalfields Limited (NEC)

Western Coalfields Limited (WCL)

Mahanadi Coalfields Limited (MCL)

Eastern Coalfields Limited (ECL)

Central Coalfields Limited (CCL)

Bharat Coking Coal Limited (BCCL)

The detailed coal project profile include method of mining, lease area, estimated cost, end use project, project name, developer, location, coal project status updates, contact details, type, capacity, reserves, status, grade, location map, key regulatory clearances, etc.

A must buy for coal mining companies, coal traders, utilities (discoms/ transcos/ gencos ), domestic/international coal producers, financial institutions, central power players, EPC companies, banks, project financers /investment bankers, captive mines, coal importers / transporters, power developers, power traders, iron and steel manufacturers, cement manufacturers, fertilizer manufacturers, academic researchers, research companies, consultants, technology provider, consulting/legal firms etc.

1 Bharat Coking Coal Limited
1.1 Goluckdih (Non-Cocking) Opencast Project
1.2 Kapuria 2 MTY
1.3 PB Project (1 MTY)
1.4 Moonidih Seam (1.5MTY)
1.5 Muraidih UG (2 MTY)
1.6 Lohapatti (0.35 MTY)
1.7 Ghanoodih (0.6 MTY)
1.8 Simlabahal (2.0 MTY)
1.9 Bhowrah (S) (0.5 MTY)
1.1 Sudamdih Shaft (0.5 MTY)
1.11 Bhowrah (North) (0.5 MTY)

2 Central Coalfields Limited
2.1 Amlo Expansion Opencast Project
2.2 Amrapali Opencast Project
2.3 Govindpur Ph-II Opencast Project
2.4 Hurilong Underground project (Non- Starter)
2.5 Karma Opencast Project (Kuju Area)
2.6 Kedla Expansion Opencast Project
2.7 khasmahal Opencast Project
2.8 Konar Opencast Project
2.9 Magadh Opencast Project
2.1 North Urimari Opencast Project
2.11 Parej Underground Project
2.12 Purnadih Opencast Project
2.13 Rohini Expansion Opencast Project
2.14 Tapin Opencast Project
2.15 Tarmi Opencast Project
2.16 Tetariakhar Expansion Opencast Project
2.17 Urimari Expansion Opencast Project
2.18 Karo UG
2.19 Karo-OC
2.2 Khasmahal UG
2.21 Tapin South OC
2.22 Ashok OCP Phse-Il

3 Eastern Coalfields Limited
3.1 Jhanjra Pslwr -VI Seam Project
3.2 Nabakajora Madhabpur block Underground Project
3.3 Parasea Underground Project (Kunustoria Area)
3.4 Rajmahal Opencast Expansion Project
3.5 Sarpi Augmentation Underground Project
3.6 Siduli Block Project
3.7 Hura C

4 Mahanadi Coalfields Limited
4.1 Ananta Opencast Project Expansion
4.2 Balram Opencast Project
4.3 Bharatpur Expension Opencast Project
4.4 Bubaneshwari Opencast Project Expansion
4.5 Gopal Prasad Opencast Project
4.6 HDI Underground Project
4.7 Hingula Opencast Project
4.8 Jagannath Underground Project
4.9 Kaniha Opencast Project
4.1 Kulda Opencast Project
4.11 Lajkura Opencast Project Expansion
4.12 Lingaraj Underground Project
4.13 Natraj Underground Project
4.14 Talabira Opencast Project
4.15 Talcher (W) Underground Project

5 Northern Coalfields Limited
5.1 Amlohri Expansion Project
5.2 Bina Opencast Project
5.3 Block B Opencast Project
5.4 Krishnashila Project
5.5 Nigahi Expansion Project
5.6 Ledo Opencast Project
5.7 Lekhapani Opencast Project
5.8 Krishnashila Open Cast Project
5.9 Bina Extension
5.1 Khadia Expansion Open Cast Project
5.11 Jayant Expansion Opencast Project
5.12 Dudhichua Expansion Opencast Project
5.13 Semaria Open Cast Project
5.14 Bina Kakri Amalgamation Open Cast Project
5.15 Block B Expansion Open Cast Project

6 Singareni Collieries Company Limited
6.1 Adriyala Shaft Project
6.2 Jalagam Vengalaro Opencast Project
6.3 Ramakrishnapur Opencast Project Phase-I

7 South Eastern Coalfields Limited
7.1 Balgi Underground Expansion Project
7.2 Batura Opencast Project
7.3 Chall Opencast Project
7.4 Dipika Opencast Expansion Project
7.5 Pelma Opencast Project
7.6 Shivangi Underground Project
7.7 Gevra Expansion OCP
7.8 Dipka Expansion OCP
7.9 Kusmuda Expansion OCP

8 Western Coalfields Limited
8.1 Kolgaon Opencast Project
8.2 Tawa II Expansion

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