Power Transmission and Generation Tariffs in India 2013-14

Apr, 2014   |   200  Pages   |   iData Insights   |   Format : PDF

This report is broadly divided into two segments:

I. Transmission Tariffs for the FY 2013-14: (including wheeling, cross subsidy surcharge, fuel adjustment charges and open access charges).

In this segment the report consists of following:
1. State Name
1.1 Introduction
1.2 Generating Capacity of the State
1.3 Revenue Requirement of the State
1.4 Transmission Tariff Calculation
1.5 Charges
1.5.1 Wheeling Charges of the State
1.5.2 Cross Subsidy Charges of the State
1.5.3 Open Access Charges of the State
1.6 Transmission Tariff Schedule of the State
1.6.1 Expenses
1.6.2 Transmission Tariff of the State.

II. Generation Tariffs of the FY 2013-14: (including Renewable and Cogeneration Plants)

In this segment the report consists of following:
1. State Name
1.1 Introduction
1.2 Generating Stations of the State
1.3 Aggregate Revenue Requirement of the State
1.4 Cost and Performance Parameters of the State
1.5 Capital Expenditure of the State
1.6 Gross Fixed Assets of the State
1.7 Operation and Maintenance Expenses of the State
1.8 Administration and General Expenses of the State
1.9 Generating Charges of the State.

This 200+ page report and online access contains an in-depth analysis of the all the components of the sector. 

The report is broadly divided into two segments.
Power transmission tariffs (including Wheeling, cross subsidy surcharge, Fuel Adjustment Charges and Open access charges)
Power Generation Tariffs( including Renewable and Cogeneration Plants)

Segment I: PT
1.Andhra Pradesh
2.Assam Power Generation Corporation Limited
3.Bihar State Power Transmission Company Limited
4.Delhi Transco Limited
5.Torrent Energy Ltd.
6.MPSEZ Utilities Private Limited
7.Paschim Gujarat Vij Company Ltd
8.Madhya Gujarat Vij Company Ltd.
9.Dakshin Gujarat Vij Company Ltd.
10 .Uttar Gujarat Vij Company Ltd
11.Gujarat Energy Transmission Corporation Limited
12.Himachal Pradesh Power Transmission Corporation
13.Jammu Power Development Department Transmission
14.Karnataka Power Transmission Corporation Limited
15.Meghalaya Power Transmission Corporation Limited
16.Odisha Power Transmission Corporation Limited
17.GRIDCO Limited
18.Punjab State Transmission Corporation Limited
19.Tamil Nadu Generation and Distribution Corporation
20.Power Transmission Corporation of Uttarakhand
21.West Bengal State Electricity Transmission Company Ltd.(WBSETCL)
22.DPSC Limited

Segment II: PG
1.Bihar State Power Generation Company Limited
2.Chhattisgarh State Power Generation Company Limited
3.IPGCL- Indraprastha Power Generation Co. Ltd.
4.PPCL- Pragati Power Corporation Ltd.
5.Aspen Infrastructures Limited
6.Torrent Energy Ltd
7.Himachal Pradesh Power Generation Corporation
8.J&K State Power Development Corporation Limited
9.Puducherry Power Corporation Limited (PPCL)
10 Satpura Thermal Power Station, Sarni
11.Meghalaya Power Generation Corporation Limited
12.Odisha Hydro Power Corporation Ltd
14.Tamil Nadu Generation and Distribution Corporation
15.West Bengal Power Development Corporation Limited
17.Tuivai Hydel Power Project (210 MW) of Mizoram.

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