Coal Mining in India - 2015

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Precision Research and Consulting is coming up with a latest research report focusing on Coal Mining in India - 2015. The report is distinctly divided into two volumes::

Volume I: Indian Coal Mines

Volume II: Indian Coal Projects

The report on Indian Coal Mines provides the most comprehensive and up to date information on 82 mines in India. The states covered will be-

Andhra Pradesh
Madhya Pradesh
West Bengal

The detailed coal mine profile contains information on mineable reserves , geological reserves, , technology, manpower, developer, location map, contact details mine capacity, location, latitudes, longitudes, Key regulatory clearances, ground water clearance, mining plan approval, Land use details, etc.

The report on Indian Coal Projects also provides the most comprehensive and up to date information on 166 owner-wise coal projects in India. It will include-

Northern Coalfields Limited (NCL)
Mahanadi Coalfields Limited (MCL)
Singareni Collieries Company Ltd. (SCCL)
Eastern Coalfields Limited (ECL)
South Eastern Coalfields Limited (SCL)
Central Coalfields Limited (CCL)
North Eastern Coalfields Limited (NEC)
Bharat Coking Coal Limited (BCCL)
Western Coalfields Limited (WCL)
Central Mine Planning & Design Institute Ltd

Volume I: Detailed Profi les of 82 Indian Coal Mines

1. Amgaon Opencast Coal Mine, SECL
2. Amlabad (0.5 MTY)
3. Ananta Opencast Mine
4. Andal Babuisol
5. ARA - Sarubera Group of Mines
6. Ballarpur Underground Mine
7. Barjora (North) Coal Block
8. Barsingsar Coal Mine
9. Behraband Underground Coal Mine
10. Belpahar Opencast Expansion (Phase-II) Project, MCL
11. Bhakra Underground Mine
12. Bhalmuda Coal Block (NTPC)
13. Bin Cara Underground Project
14. Block-II (UG) Continuous Miner (0.45 MTY)
15. Chandrabila Coal Block (NTPC)
16. Chendipada & Chendipada - II Coal Mine
17. Chhatarpur -I &II (A) Underground Mine
18. Chinda Opencast Project
19. Chitra East Opencast Coal Mine
20. Churcha RO Underground Project
21. Churi-Benti Underground Mine
22. Dhori Group of Mines
23. Dhuptala Opencast Mine
24. Dinesh Opencast Mine (MAKARADHORKA-III OC)
25. Dorli Opencast-II Expansion Project, SCCL
26. Ghanoodih (0.6 MTY), BCCL
27. Ghonsa Opencast Expansion Coal Mine
28. Gouri I & II Opencast Mine
29. Hindustan Lalpeth Opencast Coal Mine
30. Indaram Mining Lease (RK-7 & RK-NT inclines)
31. Jagannath Re-Organisation Opencast Project
32. Jhanjra
33. Jharana Underground Expansion Mine
34. Jhirki / Jhirki West
35. Kalyani Underground Mine
36. Kerandari Coal Block
37. Ketki Underground Project
38. Khagra - Joydev Coal Block
39. Khairagura Opencast Expansion Project
40. Khottadih Underground Mine
41. KK-1 Incline Block
42. Kondapuram Underground Coal Mine
43. KTK-6 Incline, SCCL
44. Kumardihi B Coal Mine
45. Lajkura Opencast Mine
46. Lakhanpur Opencast Expanstion Project (15 Mty To 18.75 Mty)
47. Lohapatti (0.35 MTY), BCCL
48. Madhuband (1MTY) (Barora Area)
49. Mahamaya Aug Underground Project
50. Manoharpur Opencast Coal Mine
51. Marki-Zari-Jamani-Adkoli Opencast Mine
52. Mohan(Maori) Underground Mine
53. Moonidih XVI Top Seam (0.70 MTY)
54. Mugoli Opencast Coal Mine
55. New Dhuptala Opencast Mine
56. New Majri III Underground Expansion Mine
57. Niljai Opencast Mine
58. North Kathara Phase-I
59. North Kathara Phase-II & III
60. Padmapur Opencast Mine
61. Pakri - Barwadih Coal Block
62. Pauni Opencast Mine
63. Pelma Opencast (June 2014)
64. Penganga Opencast Mine, WCL
65. PSLW for Jhanjra RVI Seam
66. Rawanwara East
67. RCE Rajrappa Opencast, CCL
68. RKP Opencast Project Phase-l, SCCL
69. Saharpur - Jamarpani Coal Block
70. Samaleswari Opencast (Expansion) Coal Mine
71. Samaleswari Opencast Expansion Phase - IV Coal Mine
72. Samleshweri Opencast Project (5 Mty to 11 Mty)
73. Sarni Underground Mine
74. Sarshatali Opencast Mine
75. Sasti Underground Mine
76. Sheetaldhara Kurja and Kapildhara Group of Coal Mines
77. Srirampur 3 & 3 A Incline, SCCL
78. Talaipalli Coal Mine (18 MMTPA)
79. Tata Steels West Bokaro Opencast Coal Mine Expansion Project (7.0 MTPA to 9.0 MTPA)
80. Tikak Extension Opencast Project
81. Tondakhairi Khandala
82. Wardha Valley Coal Mine

Volume II: Detailed Profi les of 166 Indian Coal Projects

1. Bharat Coking Coal Limited
Goluckdih (Non-Cocking) Opencast Project
Kapuria Underground Project, BCCL
PB Project (1 MTY), BCCL
Moonidih Seam, BCCL
Muraidih Underground (2 MTY)
Lohapatti (0.35 MTY), BCCL
Ghanoodih (0.6 MTY), BCCL
Simlabahal (2.0 MTY), BCCL
Bhowrah (S) (0.5 MTY), BCCL
Sudamdih Shaft (0.5 MTY), BCCL
Bhowrah (North) (0.5 MTY), BCCL
North / South Tisra Opencast, BCCL
Patherdih NLW Washery, BCCL

2. Central Coalfi elds Limited
Amlo Expansion Opencast Project
Amrapali Opencast Project, CCL
Govindpur Ph-II Opencast Project
Hurilong Underground Project (Non- Starter)
Karma Opencast Project (Kuju Area)
Kedla Expansion Opencast Project
khasmahal Opencast Project
Konar Opencast Project, CCL
Magadh Opencast Project
North Urimari Opencast Project, CCL
Parej Underground Project
Purnadih Opencast Project, CCL
Rohini Expansion Opencast Project, CCL
Tapin Opencast Project
Tarmi Opencast Project
Tetariakhar Expansion Opencast Project
Urimari Expansion Opencast Project, CCL
Karo Underground
Karo Opencast Project, CCL
Khasmahal Underground
Tapin South Expansion Opencast Project (2.00 MTPA to 2.50
Ashok Opencast Project Phase-Il
RCE Rajrappa Opencast, CCL
Kedla Underground, CCL
Saunda-D, CCL

3. Central Mine Planning & Design Institute Ltd
Chinchala Chichalgaon Amalgamated Opencast Mine
NTPC - Bhalumuda Coal Block

4. Eastern Coalfi elds Limited
Jhanjra Pslwr -VI Seam Project
Nabakajora Madhabpur block Underground Project
Parasea Underground Project (Kunustoria Area)
Rajmahal Opencast Expansion Project, ECL
Sarpi Augmentation Underground Project
Siduli Block Project
Hura C South East Sector
Sonepur Bazari Opencast, ECL
Jhanjra Underground Mine, ECL
Jhanjra UG PSLW Phase-II, ECL
Jhanjra Continuous Miner 2nd Set, ECL
Simlong Expn. Opencast (2 MTY)

5. Mahanadi Coalfi elds Limited
Ananta Opencast Project Expansion - 15 MTY, MCL
Balram Opencast Project, MCL
Bharatpur Expension Opencast Project, MCL
Bhubaneswari Opencast Project Expansion, MCL
Gopal Prasad Opencast Project, MCL
HDI Underground Project
Hingula Opencast Project
Jagannath Re-Organisation Opencast Project, MCL
Kaniha Opencast Project - 10 MTY
Kulda Opencast Project
Lajkura Opencast Project Expansion
Lingaraj Underground Project
Natraj Underground Project
Talabira Opencast Project, MCL
Talcher (W) Underground Project
Siarmal Opencast Project, MCL
Basundhara West Extn Opencast, MCL
Bhubaneshwari Opencast Project, MCL
Kulda Expn Opencast (5.00 Mty)
Hingula-III Opencast Project, Expn Ph-III, MCL
Hingula-II Opencast Project Expn, Ph-III, MCL
Ananta Opencast Project Expansion Ph-III
Balaram Opencast Project Extension, MCL
Nataraj UG Capacity - 0.64 MTY, MCL
Machhakata Coal Project

6. Northern Coalfi elds Limited
Amlohri Expansion Project, NCL
Bina Opencast Project
Block B Opencast Project, NCL
Krishnashila Project
Nigahi Expansion Project, NCL
Ledo Opencast Project
Lekhapani Opencast Project
Krishnashila Opencast Project, NCL
Bina Extension
Khadia Expansion Opencast Project, NCL
Jayant Expansion Opencast Project
Dudhichua Expansion Opencast Project
Semaria Opencast Project
Bina Kakri Amalgamation Opencast Project
Block B Expansion Opencast Project
TPS-II Expansion
Block-B PR, NCL

7. Singareni Collieries Company Limited
Adriyala Shaft Project, SCCL
Jalagam Vengalaro Opencast Project, SCCL
Ramakrishnapur Opencast Project Phase-I
Manuguru Opencast-II Opencast Coal Mine Expansion
Project, SCCL
Dorli-I Opencast Coal Mine Project, SCCL
Dorli OC-II Expansion Project, SCCL
Koyagudam Opencast-II, SCCL
Godavarikhani-7 Life Extension Project, SCCL
Kakatiya Longwall Project, SCCL
Jallaram Shaft Project, SCCL
Indaram Mining Lease (RK-7 & RK-NT inclines)
KK-1 Incline Block
KTK-6 Incline, SCCL
Srirampur 3 & 3 A Incline, SCCL
RKP OC Project Phase-l, SCCL
Ramagundam Opencast-II Extension Project, SCCL
Kalyanikhani Opencast Project, SCCL
Jalagam Vengala Rao (JVR) Opencast-I Expansion Project,
Godavarikhani-5 Incline, SCCL
Manuguru Opencast Project, SCCL
Kistaram Opencast Project, SCCL
Kasipet-2 Incline, SCCL
Srirampur Opencast-II Project, SCCL
RG Opencast II Extension Project, SCCL
RG Opencast III Extension Phase-II, SCCL
Kasipet 1 Incline, SCCL
Venkatesh Khani 7 Incline, SCCL
Indaram Khani 1A Incline, SCCL
Ravindrakhani 8 Incline, SCCL
Shanthi Khani Longwall Project, SCCL
Sravanapally Opencast Project, SCCL
Indaram Opencast Project (RCE), SCCL
Vakilpalli Underground Mine (BG), SCCL
JK-5 Opencast Project (RFR), SCCL
Rknt Sortwall Mine, SCCL
JVR Opencast Project-II, SCCL
KK Opencast Project, SCCL
BPA OC-II Extension B&D Blocks, SCCL
KTK-I Incline Extension Block UGML, SCCL
Bihar Sponge Iron Limited

8. South Eastern Coalfi elds Limited
Bijari Opencast RCE, SECL
Chhal Opencast Seam-III, SECL
Balgi Underground Expansion Project
Batura Opencast Project
Chall Opencast Project
Dipika Opencast Expansion Project
Pelma Opencast Project, SECL
Shivangi Underground Project
Gevra Expansion Opencast Project, SECL (25-35 MTY)
Dipka Opencast Project Expansion, SECL (20-25 MTY)
Kusmuda Expansion Opencast Project
Manikpur Opencast Expansion, SECL
Saraipali Opencast Project, SECL
Churcha RO Underground Project
Haldibari Underground Project
Kusmuda Expansion Opencast Project, SECL
Baroud Opencast Expansion (RCE), SECL
Kartali East Opencast Project, SECL
Jagannathpur Opencast Project, SECL
Amlai Opencast Expansion Sector B
Mahan-II Opencast RCE, SECL
Amadand Opencast Project, SECL
Jampali Opencast RCE, SECL
Ambika Opencast Project, SECL
Amera Opencast, SECL
Vijay West Underground, SECL
Khairaha Underground, SECL
Chirimiri Opencast RPR, SECL

9. Western Coalfi elds Limited
Penganga Opencast Mine, WCL
Kolgaon Opencast Project
Tawa II Expansion
Bhatadi Opencast Expansion Project

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