Oil and Gas Pipelines in India 2014

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This business report titled Oil and Gas Pipelines in India: 2014 will provide detailed information on pipelines under various segments like Crude Oil, Product, LPG and Gas Pipelines. All these segments cover Existing, Under Construction and Proposed pipelines.

- Crude Oil- Existing-5, Under Construction-1 and Proposed-4.
- Product- Existing-30, Under Construction-7 and Proposed-21.
- LPG-Existing-2 and Proposed-6.
- Gas-Existing-12, Under Construction-6 and Proposed-22.

Each of the profile covers features of the pipeline, its route diagram, capacity throughput, different sections in the pipeline, financial implications and telecommunication systems used for monitoring and controlling of pipelines. The compilation will be in a systematic way and easy to read and interpret. A total of 115 Pipelines are discussed in this report. The graphs and diagrams given will be helpful for better understanding of the pipeline scenario in India.

The business report will be released in the month of July 2014 and is available in PDF format.

A must buy for:

- Chemical Companies
- Fuel Traders
- Pipeline Companies
- Gas Distribution Companies
- Research Companies, Consultants
- Financial Institutions
- EPC Companies
- Banks, Project Financiers and Investment Bankers
- Power Developers
- Central and State Power Players
- Exploration and Refining Companies

Project Title

1 Crude Oil Salaya-Mathura Pipeline (SMPL)

2 Crude Oil Paradip-Haldia-Barauni Crude Oil Pipeline

3 Crude Oil Mundra-Kandla-Panipat Pipeline

4 Crude Oil Vadinar-Bina Crude Pipeline

5 Crude Oil Mangala Development Pipeline Project (MDPP) - Barmer-Salaya-Bhogat Crude Pipeline

7 Crude Oil Barmer-Salaya-Bhogat Crude Pipeline- Cairn India Ltd.- MDPP

8 Crude Oil Mundra-Bhatinda Pipeline

9 Crude Oil Mangalore-Padur Pipeline
1 Product OILs Numaligarh-Siliguri Pipeline
2 Product IOCLs Chennai-Bangalore Product Pipeline
3 Product IOCLs Bijwasan - Panipat Naphtha Pipeline
4 Product IOCLs Mathura-Bharatpur Spur Pipeline
5 Product IOCLs Branch Line to Hazira from KDPL
6 Product Chennai-Trichy-Madurai Pipeline
7 Product IOCLs Bijwasan - Panipat Naphtha Pipeline
8 Product IOCLs Mathura-Bharatpur Spur Pipeline
9 Product IOCLs Branch Line to Hazira from KDPL
10 Product Manali-Meenambakkam Prouduct Pipeline (ATF Pipeline to AFS, Chennai)
11 Product Devanagonthi - Devanahalli Product Pipeline (ATF Pipeline to Bangaluru International Airport)
12 Product Barauni - Kanpur Product Pipeline
13 Product Guwahati-Siliguri Product Pipeline (GSPL)
14 Product Haldia - Barauni Product Pipeline (HBPL)
15 Product Haldia - Mourigram - Rajbandh Product Pipeline (HMRPL)
16 Product Koyali - Ahmedabad Product Pipeline (KAPL)
17 Product Mathura-Jalandhar Product Pipeline (MJPL)
18 Product Panipat - Delhi Product Pipeline
19 Product Kandla - Bhatinda Product Pipeline (KBPL)
20 Product Sidhpur-Sanganer Product Pipeline
21 Product Digboi - Tinsukia Product Pipeline (DTPL)
22 Product Panipat-Rewari Product Pipeline (PRPL)
23 Product Koyali - Dahej Product Pipeline
24 Product Mathura-Tundla Product Pipeline
25 Product Narimanam-Nagapattinam Product Pipeline
26 Product Koyali-Ratlam Product Product Pipeline
27 Product Koyali-Viramgam-Sidhpur-Sanganer Pipeline (KVSSPL)
28 Product BPCLs Bina-Kota Product Pipeline- Under Construction
29 Product IOCLs Viramgam-Kandla Branch Pipeline
30 Product IOCL Paradip-New Sambalpur-Raipur-Ranchi Petroleum Product Pipeline
31 Product Hook Up of Tikri Kalan TOP with Mathura-Jalandhar Pipeline (MJPL)
32 Product Branch Pipeline from BKPL to Motihari and Baitalpur
33 Product HPCLs Raman Mandi-Bhatinda Product Pipeline
34 Product Raman Mandi-Bahadurgarh Product Pipeline
35 Product Paradip-Rourkela-Allahabad Product Pipeline
36 Product Bahadurgarh-Tikri Kalan Product Pipeline
37 Product Awa-Salawas Product Pipeline
38 Product Panipat-Jalandhar Product Pipeline
39 Product IOCL Branch Line to Hazira from KDPL Amod - Hazira Pipeline
40 Product IOCLs Chennai-Bangalore Product Pipeline
41 Product IOCL Chennai-Bangalore Product Pipeline
42 Product Kochi Karur Product Pipeline (CCKPL)
43 Product Koyali-Viramgam-Sidhpur-Sanganer Product Pipeline (KVSSPL)
44 Product Mangalore - Hasan - Bangalore Product
45 Product Mumbai-Pune-Solapur Product Pipeline
46 Product Mumbai Manglya Pipeline Extension to Piyala/Bijwasan Product Project
47 Product Mundra-Delhi Product Pipeline
48 Product Vadinar - Kandla Product Product Pipeline
49 Product Vizag-Vijayawada-Secunderabad Product Pipeline
50 Product Jamnagar Loni Product Pipeline
51 Product Guru Gobind Singh Refi nery Products Evacuation Project (GGSRPEP)
52 Product BPCLs Bina-Kota Product Pipeline
53 Product Mathura-Jalandhar Product Pipeline
54 Product Raman Mandi-Bhatinda Product Pipeline
55 Product Viramgam-Kandla Branch Product Pipeline
56 Product Paradip-Rourkela-Allahabad Product Pipeline
57 Product Kota Jobner Product Pipeline
58 Product Rewari Kanpur Product Pipeline

1 LPG Vizag-Secunderabad LPG Pipeline
2 LPG Jamnagar Loni LPG Pipeline
3 LPG Okha-Jamnagar LPG Pipeline
4 LPG Uran-Chakan-Shikrapur LPG Pipeline
5 LPG IOCLs Paradip-Durgapur LPG Pipeline
6 LPG Uran Chakan / Shikrapur LPG Pipeline
7 LPG Mangalore-Hassan-Mysore-Solur LPG Pipeline
8 LPG Kandla-Panipat LPG Pipeline

1 Gas Pipelines Hazira-Vijaipur-Jagdishpur (HVJ) Pipeline Network
2 Gas Pipelines Dabhol-Panvel Pipeline
3 Gas Pipelines GAILs Dadri-Bawana-Nangal Pipeline (Revised Route)
4 Gas Pipelines Vijaipur-Kota Pipeline Project
5 Gas Pipelines Kelaras-Malanpur Spurline
6 Gas Pipelines Thulendi-Phulpur Pipeline Project
7 Gas Pipelines Jagoti-Indore-Pithampur Pipeline with Spurline to Dewas
8 Gas Pipelines Duliajan-Numaligarh Pipeline Ltd (DNP Limited)
9 Gas Pipelines Dadri-Panipat R-LNG Spurline
10 Gas Pipelines Kakinada-Bharuch Pipeline (EWPL)
11 Gas Pipelines Chainsa-Gurgaon-Jhajjar-Hissar Pipeline (HVJ Extension)
12 Gas Pipelines Dahej-Vijaipur Pipeline (DVPL) Project
13 Gas Pipelines GAILs Jagdishpur-Haldia Pipeline (HVJ Pipeline Extension)
14 Gas Pipelines Dabhol-Bangalore Pipeline (DBPL)
15 Gas Pipelines Karanpur-Moradabad-Kashipur-Rudrapur Gas Pipeline
16 Gas Pipelines Surat-Paradip Pipeline
17 Gas Pipelines Mehsana-Bhatinda Pipeline
18 Gas Pipelines Bhatinda-Srinagar Pipeline
19 Gas Pipelines Durgapur-Kolkata Pipeline
20 Gas Pipelines Kakinada-Chennai Pipeline
21 Gas Pipelines Chennai-Tuticorin Pipeline
22 Gas Pipelines Chennai-Bangalore-Mangalore Pipeline
23 Gas Pipelines Kakinada-Haldia Pipeline
24 Gas Pipelines GAILs Kochi-Kayamkulam Pipeline
25 Gas Pipelines Vijayawada-Vijaipur Pipeline
26 Gas Pipelines Kakinada to Ahmedabad Pipeline
27 Gas Pipelines Oman-India Natural Gas Pipeline Project
28 Gas Pipelines Iran-Pakistan-India (IPI) Gas Pipeline Project
29 Gas Pipelines Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India (TAPI) Gas Pipeline Project
30 Gas Pipelines Cauvery Basin Pipeline Network
31 Gas Pipelines Dahej-Uran Pipeline Project
32 Gas Pipelines Krishna Godavari Basin
33 Gas Pipelines Vijaipur - Dadri Pipeline
34 Gas Pipelines Dadri Bawana Nangal Pipeline
35 Gas Pipelines Kochi-Kanjirakode-Bangalore/Mangalore Pipeline
36 Gas Pipelines Dahivali-Pune Pipeline
37 Gas Pipelines Kochi-Kayamkulam Pipeline
38 Gas Pipelines Mallavaram-Vijaipur-Bhilwara Pipeline
39 Gas Pipelines GAILs Kochi-Kanjirakode-Bangalore/Mangalore Pipeline (KKBMPL)
40 Gas Pipelines Surat-Vapi Gas Pipeline

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