Biomass in India: Evaluating the Potential for Power Production - 2014

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This is a market research report which provides the information on:

-Availability of Bio fuels in India
-Guidelines given by Central and State in regard of Biomass Power in India
-Details about important Equipment Manufacturers and Technology Providers
-Business Models involved in the usage of Biomass to Produce Power
-Recognition of Industry Challenges and ways to diminish the risks.

This report will be divided in to 13 chapters which covers information about Biomass Potential, Availability of Biofuel, Growth Drivers, Existing Biomass Capacity in India, Policy and Legal Framework, State Policy Guidelines, Current Policy Guidelines, Procedure for Setting up a Bio mass Plant in India, Equity Financing, Debt Financing, External Financing, Cost Analysis, Economic Viability, State/Regions for setting up a Bio mass Plant, Off-Grid Bio mass Models, Biomass Power Projects, Risks related to Fuels, Financial, Technological, Capacity Building, Key Equipment Manufacturers and Technology Providers.

This report will help you find answers to questions like:

-Why Biomass Power is better as compared to other Energy Sources?
-What are the growth drivers concerned for the Biomass Power in India?
-What all procedures one should follow before setting up a Biomass Power Plant in India?
-How can one mitigate the risks arising due to different adverse factors?
-Who all are the major Play

1. Biomass Sector Overview
1.1 Biomass Potential
1.2 Which is better- Combustion or Gasification?
1.3 Conclusion

2. Biomass Availability in India
2.1 Availability of Bio fuel in India
2.2 Growth Drivers
2.3 Prices of Raw Material across all the States
2.4 Conclusion

3. Installed Capacity of Biomass
3.1 Existing Biomass Capacity in India
3.2 Conclusion

4. Policy and Regulatory Framework
4.1 Introduction
4.2 Policy and Legal Framework
4.3 Current Policy Guidelines
4.3.1 Central Policy Guidelines
4.3.2 State Policy Guidelines
4.4 Issues and Challenges
4.5 The Way Forward

5. Procedure for Setting up a Biomass Power Plant in India
5.1 Initial Assessment
5.2 Identification of Land
5.3 Arranging Fuel for the Plant
5.4 Identification of Technology
5.5 Administrative Procedure
5.6 Power Off-take Arrangement
5.7 Overcoming the Barriers
5.8 Conclusion

6. Financing
6.1 Sources of Financing
6.1.1 Equity Financing
6.1.2 Debt Financing
6.1.3 External Financing
6.2 Eligibility for Financing
6.3 Issues and Challenges

7. Equipment Manufacturers and Technology Providers
7.1 Key Equipment Manufacturers
7.1.1 Boilers
7.1.2 Turbine
7.1.3 Generator
7.1.4 Gasifier
7.2 Key Technologies Providers
7.2.1 Combustion
7.2.2 Gasification
7.3 Conclusion

8. Biomass Plant Cost Economics
8.1 Cost Analysis
8.2 Return on Investments
8.3 States/Regions for setting up Biomass Power Plant
8.3.1 Factors to be considered for biomass plant site selection
8.4 Tariff Rates across the States
8.5 Economic Viability of a typical Biomass Power Plant
8.6 Conclusion

9. B2B Models in Biomass
9.1 Biomass and Bagasse Co-generation
9.2 Off-Grid Biomass Models
9.3 Conclusions

10. Biomass Power Projects
10.1 Baggase Projects
10.2 Non Baggase Projects
10.3 Case Studies
10.4 Conclusion

11. Company Profiles
11.1 Key Players in Bagasse Co-generation
11.2 Key Players in Non-Bagasse Power Generation
11.3 Key Equipment Manufacturers

12. Diminution of Risks
12.1 Challenges in Bagasse Co-generation Projects
12.2 Risks related to:
12.2.1 Fuels
12.2.2 Policy Guidelines
12.2.3 Financial
12.2.4 Technological
12.2.5 Capacity Building
12.3 Conclusion

13. Bio Power Outlook-Capacity Addition Trends by 2020
13.1 Growth Drivers for Bio-Power Industry
13.2 Bio-Power Outlook
13.3 Bio-Power Installed Capacity: 2014
13.4 Bio-Power in India: By 2020
13.4.1 State-wise generation
13.5 Key Players in Indian Bio-Power Sector by 2020
13.6 Conclusion

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