India Pizza, Pasta & BBQ Sauces Market Overview

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The pizza, pasta & BBQ sauces market is emerging as one of the rapidly growing dynamic category in the food services industry of India. Due to increasing standard of living and changing lifestyle, the demand for sophisticated taste in meal is becoming a growing trend in the food industry that is making a positive impact on pizza, pasta & BBQ sauces market. Various sauces like pizza sauce, pasta sauce, pizza & pasta sauce and BBQ sauce are providing high impetus to the market.

The elite class demands quality and taste which are turning out to be a greatest driver for the usage of pizza, pasta & BBQ sauces in fast food dishes.

According to “India Pizza, Pasta & BBQ Sauces Market Overview”, pizza and pasta sauce captures more than 60% of the market and are anticipated to dominate in the forecast period too. Fun Foods, Remia, Del Monte, Kraft and American Garden are the major players operating in the market. Fun Foods is a prominent player in the pasta category from many decades. Metro cities of India account for a considerable market share in the sales of pizza, pasta & BBQ sauces, with the category specifically becoming popular among upper middle class consumers. Pizza sauce has become an integral ingredient and is used by branded food chains like Macdonald, Subway, KFC, Dominos, Pizza Hut, etc. and these are the regular end users for the category. The pizza, pasta & BBQ sauces market has become legroom for new product developments and innovations. The penetration of these sauces is still at a very low level, but this opens door for new players who can tap into these enormous opportunities.

1.Executive Summary
2.India Pizza, Pasta & BBQ Market Overview
2.1.Market Size
2.1.1.By Value Market & Unorganized Market Segment
2.1.2.By Volume
2.2.Market Share
2.2.1.By Brand
2.2.2.By Segment
2.2.3.By End user
2.2.4.By Organized & Unorganized
2.3.Pricing Analysis
3.Channel Partner Analysis
4.India Economic Snapshot
5.Policy & Regulatory Landscape
6.Pizza, Pasta & BBQ Sauces Market Dynamics
6.1.Key Drivers
6.2.Key Challenges
7.Market Trends & Developments
7.1.Rising Specialized Restaurants
7.2.Increasing Trend of Pizza, Pasta & BBQ Dishes in Traditional Occasions
7.3.Growing Craze of Ready to Eat Food
8.Competitive Landscape
8.1.Porters Five Forces
8.2.Company Profile
8.2.1.Fun Foods India Pvt.Ltd.
8.2.2.FieldFresh Foods Pvt.Ltd.Remia (The Del Monte)
8.2.3.Suresh Kumar & Co.(Impex) Pvt.Ltd.(Remia International)
8.2.4.Mondelez India Foods Private Limited (The Kraft Heinz Company)
8.2.5.Bajoria Foods Pvt.Ltd.(American Garden)
9.Strategic Recommendations

Figure-1: India Pizza, Pasta & BBQ Sauces Market Size – By Value 2009 – 2014 (INR Crore)
Figure-2: India Pizza, Pasta & BBQ Sauces Market Size Forecast– By Value 2015F – 2021F (INR Crore)
Figure-3: India Pizza, Pasta & BBQ Sauces Market Size - By Organized & Unorganized 2015F – 2021F (INR Crore)
Figure-4: India Pizza, Pasta & BBQ Sauces Market Size – By Segment 2009 – 2014
Figure-5: India Pizza, Pasta & BBQ Sauces Market Size Forecast – By Segment 2015F – 2021F
Figure-6: India Pizza, Pasta & BBQ Sauces Market Size – By Volume (In ‘000 Units) 2009 – 2014
Figure-7: India Pizza, Pasta & BBQ Sauces Market Share – By Brand 2014 & 2021F
Figure-8: India Pizza, Pasta & BBQ Sauces Market Share – By Segment 2014 & 2021F
Figure-9: India Pizza, Pasta & BBQ Sauces Market Share – By End User 2014 & 2021F
Figure-10: India Pizza, Pasta & BBQ Sauces Market Share – By Organized & Unorganized 2014 & 2021F
Figure-11: General Distribution Channel followed by Pizza, Pasta & BBQ Sauces Manufacturers in India

Table-1: Retail Price of Pizza, Pasta & BBQ Sauces Available in India
Table-2: India Economic Profile – 2014
Table-3: Key Facts of Fun Foods India Pvt. Ltd.
Table-4: Key Facts of FieldFresh Foods Pvt. Ltd.
Table-5: Key Facts of Suresh Kumar & Co. (Impex) Pvt. Ltd.
Table-6: Key Facts of Mondelez India Foods Private Limited
Table-7: Key Facts of Bajoria Foods Pvt. Ltd.

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