Sectoral Capsule-Processed Juice Market in India -Packed with Opportunities

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In todays world, wellness has taken the center stage. Changing lifestyles, a growing middle class, rapid urbanisation and increased disposable income are some of the reasons behind the emergence of a new market for fruit juice in India.

India is the second largest producer of food in the world and holds the potential to be a key player in the global processed food segment. The country is endowed with the second-largest arable landmass as also the second-largest irrigated land-under-cultivation globally. It possesses diverse agro-climatic zones. It is the largest producer of milk and second-largest grower of fruits and vegetables in the world. Hence, the Indian food processing industry has all the conditions for growth. But unfortunately, the countrys share in the global processed fruit trade is still less than one percent. Hence, abundant investment opportunities exist both in the domestic and international markets.

The Indian juice industry was pegged at USD 3.5 billion in 2012 and is estimated to reach USD 21.14 billion by 2018.

The per capita consumption of fruit juice-based beverage is 45 litre in Germany, 42.5 litre in Switzerland and 39 litre in the US. In India, the per capita consumption is just 20ml, which is negligible compared to other countries. Hence, there exists huge untapped potential in this segment.

Shift in consumer preference towards non-carbonated fruit beverages, raising

1. Overview
1.1 Indian Fruit Juice Market Scenario

2. Growth Drivers

3. Opportunities

4. Export-Import

5. Investments

6. Outlook

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