Sectoral Capsule-Agrochemicals in India - Opportunities Galore

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The Indian chemical industry was estimated at USD 159 billion in 2013 and is projected to reach USD 484 billion by 2018, growing at a CAGR of 18 percent.

It is the sixth-largest chemical industry in the world and the third- largest in Asia by volume, just after China and Japan. The industry, comprising both small and large units produces several thousands of products and bi-products, ranging from plastics and petro-chemicals to cosmetics and toiletries. The chemical industry contributes about 5 percent to the national GDP.

Lack of awareness among farmers regarding use of pesticides could pose a threat to the overall size of the market. Large companies are keen to conduct awareness camps among farmers. Increase in strategic alliances among large players for greater market reach and acquisitions of smaller companies globally to diversify product portfolio could be the solution for increasing the market reach of the products.

The use of bio-technology to manufacture pesticides would present the Indian companies with the opportunity to tap the global market as well as the domestic market for bio-pesticides. A large number of products in the agrochemical sector will go off-patent in the near future, giving opportunity for the Indian pesticide manufacturers, who mostly produce off-patent pesticides. Government initiatives such as Integrated Nutrient and Integrated Pest Management to mitigate health issues arisi

1. The Indian Chemical Industry

2. Market Segmentation - Chemical Industry
2.1 Basic Chemical Production

3. Agrochemicals

4. Market Segmentation - Agrochemicals
4.1 Major Agrochemical Usage in India

5. Growth Drivers

6. Financials

7. Outlook

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