Bottled Water Industry In India- Swot Analysis

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Bottled water market has emerged as one of the most rapidly growing and competitive markets worldwide. The global Bottled Water Industry is a multibillion dollar industry. It has been a remarkable growth trajectory for the sector. India is among the top ten countries in terms of bottled water consumption. Today Bottled Water is one of the Indias fastest growing industrial sectors.

On the back of rising health awareness among citizens and inability of the Indian government to provide safe drinking water, bottled water industry has flourished during the past decade. Evolving perception of bottled water has made its consumption a bare necessity especially in the water scarce areas of the nation. And these factors will bring the next wave of growth in the sector.

Along with these, rising disposable income, growing organized retail, rising awareness among the consumer segment and growing focus on product extension and quality will further stimulate the gains for the industry. Rising urban drift in the country will also be a wheel of growth for the industry. We have estimated the industry to grow at a CAGR of 18% till 2017 and would be soaring to new heights. Indian Bottled Water Industry currently pegged at USD 1454 million in 2011 will jump to reach USD 3925 million by 2017.


Industry at a glance
Contains a study of the major internal and external factors affecting the industry in the form of a SWOT framework


Gain insight into the industry in terms of the opportunities and threats that will augment and restrict its growth
Get knowledge about the forte of the industry which will help it to ride in the lead

1. Huge customer base
2. Low cost of production
3. Improper groundwater laws
1. Health Risks
2. Low brand loyalty
1. Rising Middle Class
2. Low per capita consumption
3. Surging Tourism
4. Surge in disposable incomes
1. Environmental Hazards
2. Substitutes
3. Competition

Figure 1 India- % distribution of population (1991-2011)
Figure 2 Number of Middle Class Households (In Millions, Current-2026E)
Figure 3 Per capita consumption of bottled water around the world (In Litres)
Figure 4 Foreign Tourist Arrivals (FTAs) in India (In Millions, 2005-15E)
Figure 5 Domestic Travelers in India (In Millions, 2005-15E)
Figure 6 Per Capita Income India (In INR, 2006-15E)

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