Emerging Investment Opportunity in Burgeoning Indian Milk Processing & Dairy Products Sector (Why to Invest, Business Prospects, Core Project Financials, Potential Buyers, Market Size & Industry Analysis)

May, 2014   |   47  Pages   |   ISBN : 978-93-81039-50-2   |   NPCS   |   Format : PDF

While expanding a current business or while venturing into new business, entrepreneurs are often faced with the dilemma of zeroing in on a suitable product/line. And before diversifying/venturing into any product, they wish to study the following aspects of the identified product:

Good Present/Future Demand
Export-Import Market Potential
Raw Material & Manpower Availability
Project Costs and Payback Period

We at NPCS, through our reliable expertise in the project consultancy and market research field, have identified dairy products project which satisfies all the above mentioned requirements and has high growth potential in the Indian markets.

Niir Project Consultancy Services through its recently released report titled Emerging Investment Opportunity in Burgeoning Indian Milk Processing & Dairy Products Sector (Why to Invest, Business Prospects, Core Project Financials, Potential Buyers, Market Size & Industry Analysis) aims to help you make sound and informed business decision before deploying your valuable resources.

The report encapsulates all the vital information which can help an entrepreneur precisely evaluate the market potential and business prospects of dairy products sector.

The report begins with the view of enhancing the basic industry knowledge of an entrepreneur by discussing the Indian dairy industry in brief. It disseminates information

3.1 Expanding Organized Food Retail
3.2 Rising Affordability
3.3 Mounting Health Awareness
3.4 Rising Acceptance of Value Added Products
3.4.1 Frozen Yogurt
3.4.2 Cheese
3.4.3 Premium Ice Creams
3.5 The Urbanized Indian
3.6 Rural Dairy Expenditure
3.7 Low Per Capita Dairy Consumption
4.1 Excise/Custom Duty
4.2 BIS Specifications
8.1 Raw Materials Required
8.2 Manufacturing Process
8.2.1 Butter
8.2.2 Ghee
8.2.3 Milk Powder
8.2.4 Condensed Milk
8.2.5 Khoa
8.2.6 Cottage Cheese or Paneer
8.3 List of Machinery
8.4 Plant Financials

List of Figures & Tables
Figure 1 Indian Dairy Industry- Structure
Figure 2 Indian Dairy Industry- Classification
Figure 3 Population of India (2008-17, In Millions)
Figure 4 India's Annual Per Capita Income (2008-14, In INR)
Figure 5 Indian Population- Rural & Urban (In Crores)
Figure 6 Share of Dairy in Total Household Expenditure (In Percentage)
Figure 7 Per Capita Consumption of Cheese in India and Other Countries (In Kgs)
Figure 8 Per Capita Consumption of Butter in India & Other Countries (In Kgs)
Figure 9 Per Capita Consumption of Ice-Cream in India & Other Countries (In Litres)
Figure 10 Indian Dairy Industry- Market Size (2010-17, In INR Billions)
Figure 11 Quantity of Milk Processed in India (2010-17, In Million Tonnes)
Figure 12 Manufacturing Process of Butter
Figure 13 Manufacturing Process of Ghee
Figure 14 Manufacturing Process of Condensed Milk

Table 1 Presence of Key Food Retailers in India- Total Stores
Table 2 International Yogurt Brands in India- Launch Year
Table 3 International Cheese Brands in India
Table 4 International Ice Cream Brands in India- Launch Year
Table 5 Excise and Customs Duty Rates for Dairy Products (2013-14)
Table 6 BIS Specifications for Dairy Products
Table 7 Top Export Destinations of Dairy Products
Table 8 Contact Information of Present Players in Dairy Products Segment
Table 9 List of Machinery for Milk Processing Section
Table 10 List of Machinery for Cream Processing Section
Table 11 List of Machinery for Butter Manufacturing Section
Table 12 List of Machinery for Ghee Manufacturing Section
Table 13 List of Machinery for Paneer Section
Table 14 List of Machinery for Flavored Milk Section
Table 15 List of Machinery for Milk Powder Section
Table 16 Dairy Products Plant- Plant Capacity
Table 17 Dairy Products Plant- Fixed Capital Requirements
Table 18 Dairy Products Plant- Total Cost of the Project
Table 19 Dairy Products Plant- Production Schedule
Table 20 Dairy Products Plant- Expected Sales Schedule (Volume)
Table 21 Dairy Products Plant- 5 Year Profit Analysis (INR Millions)

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