India Road & Highways Sector Opportunity Analysis

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Indias road network at a primary level includes national highways while the secondary system is made up of state highways and major district roads. Extending the road system further are the rural and other roads apart from expressways.  Of these the National Highways (NH) are handled by the central government while the state highways (SH) are in the hands of the state government. Other types of roads include the major district roads (MDR) and other district roads & rural roads that are handled by the state and local government respectively. In terms of ownership and construction the roads in India can be classified as Maintained by PWD, panchayat raj roads, JRY and PMGSY Roads, urban roads and project roads.

As of March 2015, Indias network of National Highways/Expressway was about 96,214 km. The network of state highways stretched 1,47,800 km, while other roads were about 44,55,000 km out of a total of 46,99,014 km of roads and highways. National highways thus make about 2% of the total road length, the state highways about 3% with the other roads making up nearly 95%. The roads sector saw significant investment growth during the 11th FYP. Overall investment grew by 3.5 times compared to the 10th FYP, reaching INR 5.16 Lakh Crore. Roads made up about 20% of overall infrastructure investments in the 11th FYP, growing 8% from the numbers in the 10th FYP. The actual investment in roads during the 11th FYP was 10% higher than planned, due to an increase in cen
Table of Contents

1. India Road & Highway Sector Overview
1.1 Road Infrastructure
1.2 Highway Infrastructure
1.3 Expressways
1.4 Intra-City Expressways

2. Road & Highway Network Size and Growth
2.1 National Level
2.2 State Level
2.3 Single & Multiple Lane

3. Planned & Under Construction Highway & Expressway Infrastructure
3.1 Planned
3.2 Under Construction

4. India Road & Highway Traffic Trends
4.1 Cargo Movement
4.2 Passenger Travel

5. Toll Collection Mechanism: Opportunities & Challenges

6. Electronic Toll Collection

7. India Road & Highway Sector Investment Scenario
7.1 Government Financial Support
7.2 Private Sector Investments

8. Road & Highway Sector FDI Policy

9. Government Policy & Initiatives
9.1 Policy & Regulatory Framework
9.2 Key Announcements & Recent Policy Initiatives
9.3 Likely Impact on the Sector
9.4 Proposed Plans

10. EPC and Road Projects
10.1 Introduction to EPC
10.2 Relevance of EPC
10.3 NHDP Projects
10.4 State Highway Projects

11. PPP in Roads & Highway Infrastructure Development
11.1 PPP & NHDP
11.2 Project Pipeline
11.3 Issues & Challenges in PPP

12. Market and Project in Detail
12.1 Market Segmentation
12.2 Market in Value terms
12.3 Market Projections
12.4 Analysis of Projects Performance
12.5 Cost and Time Overruns

13. India Road & Highway Sector Dynamics
13.1 Growth Drivers
13.2 Future Outlook & Opportunities
13.3 Issues, Challenges and Concerns

14. Project Sourcing & Financing
14.1 Financing Sources
14.2 Financing Trends
14.3 Recent Initiatives in Financing
14.4 Investment Estimates
14.5 Opportunities for Financial Investors

15. Competitive Landscape
15.1 Ashoka Buildcon
15.2 Gayatri Projects
15.3 GMR Infrastructure
15.4 TATA Projects
15.5 Hindustan Construction Company
15.6 IL&FS Transportation Networks
15.7 IRB Infrastructure Developers
15.8 Jaypee Infratech
15.9 KMC Constructions
15.10 Larsen & Toubro
15.11 Navayuga Engineering Company
15.12 NCC
15.13 Reliance Infrastructure

List of Figures

Figure 1-1: Proportion of Types of Roads & Highways, (%), March2015
Figure 1-2: Plan-Wise Addition of Highways, (Km), Ist till XIIth Plan
Figure 1-3: Plan-Wise Addition of Highways, (Km), 1951-2011
Figure 2-1: Total & Surface Road Length in India, (Km Lakhs), 1951-2011
Figure 2-2: National Highway Expansion during Five-Year Plans, (Km), 1947-2012
Figure 2-3: State Highway Expansion, (Km), 1971-2012
Figure 2-4: Highway by Lane Width, (%), 2014
Figure 3-1: Budgetary Support for Roads & Highways (INR Crore), FY2014 & FY2015
Figure 4-1: Proportion of Freight Transported by Roads, (%), FY2001 & FY2015
Figure 4-2: Total Freight Transported by Roads, (Billion Tonnes Kilometers), FY2005 FY2012
Figure 4-3: Proportion of Passenger Transported by Roads, (%),FY2005-FY2012
Figure 4-4: Total Passenger Transported by Roads, FY2005-FY2012  (Billion Passenger Kilometers)
Figure 7-1: Government Financial Support for Roads, (INR. Billion), 10,11 & 12 Financial Plan
Figure 7-2: Budgetary Outlay for Roads, (US$ Billion), 2009-2015
Figure 7-3: Private Investments in Roads, (INR Cr), FY 2004-2012
Figure 11-1: PPP Share and NHDP Project Phases, (%), Sep 2001-Dec 2014
Figure 11-2: Funding Modes and NHDP Projects (%), FY2005-FY2010
Figure 12-1: Types of Roads and Highways, (Km), 2015
Figure 12-2: Types of Roads in India, 2001-2011 (%)
Figure 12-3: Roads Density & Highways Proportion, 2015
Figure 12-4: Roads Sector Investment, (INR 000 Crore), 2012-17 and 2017-22
Figure 12-5: Roads Sector Investment, (INR 000 Crore), FY 09 to FY 17
Figure 12-6: Performance of Road Sector, FY2011 & FY2016
Figure 12-7: Performance of Road Sector, (Km of Project), 2014
Figure 14-1: Roads & Highways Budget Allocation, (INR Crore), 12th FY Plan and FY2012
Figure 14-2: PPP Investment Opportunities, (US$ Billion), 2012-17
Figure 15-1: Major Projects Completed

List of Tables

Table 1-1: Major Expressways in India
Table 1-2: Planned Expressways
Table 2-1: State Wise Distribution of National Highways, (Km), 2015
Table 3-1: Planned Highway Projects and Costs, (INR)
Table 3-2: Highway Projects under Construction (May2015)
Table 3-3: Highway Projects under Construction (May2015)
Table 3-4: Highway Projects under Construction (May2015)
Table 3-5: Highway Projects under Construction (May2015)
Table 3-6: Highway Projects under Construction (May2015)
Table 6-1: List of Electronic Toll Collection Systems in India, December2014
Table 7-1: Budgetary Allocation for Highways, (INR Crore), FY2013
Table 7-2: Budgetary Allocation for Highways, (INR Crore), FY2015
Table 7-3: Gross Budgetary Financial Support, (INR Crore), FY2016
Table 7-4: CRF Expenses & Allocation, (INR Cr), FY 2013-2015
Table 7-5: Highway Project Allocation and Private Investment, (INR Cr), FY2013- FY2015
Table 7-6: NHDP Funding Sources, (INR Cr) 2012-17
Table 10-1: NHDP Projects, 2000 to 2014
Table 10-2: Highway Funding & Sources, (INR Cr), Dec 2014
Table 10-3: Phases & Sub-Phases of NHDP Project, Dec2000-Dec2014
Table 10-4: NHDP Project Update, May2015
Table 11-1: Various modes of PPP
Table 11-2: State PPP Investment in State Highways, (INR Cr), Nov 2011
Table 11-3: Recent PPP Projects
Table 11-4: EPC and BOT Projects, (Km), FY2015 & FY2016
Table 11-5: Recent PPP Projects
Table 12-1: Efficiency Parameters and Achievement
Table 12-2: Efficiency Parameters and Achievement FY2013 & FY2014
Table 14-1: Roads and Highways Investment, (INR Cr), 2013-14
Table 14-2: Projected investments for Road infrastructure, (INR Billion), 2012-2017
Table 14-3: Projected investments for Road infrastructure, (INR Billion), 2017-2022
Table 14-4: Projected investments for Road infrastructure, (INR Billion), 2022-2027
Table 14-5: Projected investments for Road infrastructure, (INR Billion), 227-2032
Table 14-6: Projected investments for Road infrastructure, (INR Billion), 2012-2032
Table 15-1: ABLs PPP (Public Private Partnership) Projects under Construction
Table 15-2: PPP Projects in Operation
Table 15-3: Major EPC Projects

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