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India's state-run major ports continue to be the underperformers in the BRIC country's freight transport infrastructure, with volumes at many facilities struggling to grow. Ports have also been harmed by a ban on iron ore mining, and a fall in exports to Europe. A case in point is the Jawaharlal Nehru Port, India's largest in terms of containers handled, which has seen a decrease in its box throughput as it continues to chase the elusive fourth terminal. We see strong growth potential in the air freight sector, however, as air freight and logistics companies look to capitalise on India's growing pharmaceuticals export market, though national carrier Air India will struggle to take on this mantle given its financial constraints. The opening up of the air sector to foreign players could provide a boost to the market

Headline Industry Data 2014/15 Port of Kandla tonnage throughput is forecast to grow by 1.4%, and is projected to average growth of 2.1% a year to 2018/19

2014/15 rail freight growth forecast is 5.7% and is projected to average 6.1% to 2018/19

2014/15 air freight tonnes growth forecast is 6.1% and is forecast to average 6.5% to 2018/19

2014/15 total trade real growth forecast at 8.4%, and to average 8.8% to 2018/19.

Industry View 7
Freight Transport 9
Political 10
Economic 12
Business Environment 14
Industry Forecast 16
Air Freight 18
Table: Air Freight (India 2011-2018) 20
Rail Freight 20
Table: Rail Freight (India 2011-2018) 23
Maritime Freight 23
Table: Maritime Freight (India 2011-2018) 24
Trade 26
Table: Trade Overview (India 2011-2018) 26
Table: Key Trade Indicators (India 2011-2018) 26
Table: Main Import Partners, 2004-2012 28
Table: Main Export Destinations, 2004-2012 29
Market Overview 30
Industry Trends And Developments 35
Rail Freight 35
Road And Logistics 36
Air Freight 36
Maritime Freight 38
Company Profile 43
India Railways 43
Container Corporation of India (Concor) 48
Air India Cargo 53
Shipping Corporation of India (SCI) 56
Mercator Lines 61
Varun Shipping 64
Great Eastern Shipping (GE Shipping) 68
Political Outlook 72
Domestic Politics 72
Long-Term Political Outlook 75
Oil Price Outlook 83
Bunker Fuel 83
Table: BMI Crude Oil & Bunker Fuel Price Forecast (USD/bbl) 83
The Storm Clears For Shipping 84
(Slightly) Better Times For Bunker Prices 86
Long-Term Threats Linger 87
Pressing Rotterdam & New York Harder 89
Risks To Outlook 90
Jet Fuel 90
Table: BMI Crude Oil & Jet Fuel Price Forecast, USD/bbl 90
Better Outlook Tames Price Fall 91
Table: Total Air Freight And Passenger Volume Growth93
Risks To Outlook 96
Diesel 97
Table: BMI Crude Oil And Diesel Price Forecast (USD/bbl) 97
New York's One-Off Heat Up 97
NY: Short-Term Diesel Price Support Expected 100
Rotterdam: Green Policies Drive Diesel Forward 104
Singapore: Diesel Support With Power Risks 106
Risks To Outlook 110
Macroeconomic Forecasts 111
Economic Analysis 111
Downgrade Due To Significant Pull-Back In Capital Spending 112
Waning Private Consumption Growth Poses Further Downside Risks 113
Not All Gloom: Data Could Boost BJP's Position 113
Table: India - Economic Activity115
Demographic Forecast 116
Demographic Outlook 116
Table: India's Population By Age Group, 1990-2020 ('000) 117
Table: India's Population By Age Group, 1990-2020 (% of total) 118
Table: India's Key Population Ratios, 1990-2020 119
Table: India's Rural And Urban Population, 1990-2020119
Methodology 120
Industry Forecast Methodology 120
Sector-Specific Methodology 121
Sources 122

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