The Indian Defense Industry - Market Entry Strategy to 2020: Market Profile

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This report provides an analysis of possible ways to enter the market, together with detailed descriptions of how existing players have entered the market, including key contracts, alliances, and strategic initiatives.

Key Findings

"The Indian Defense Industry - Market Entry Strategy to 2020: Market Profile" is an essential source of information covering the market entry strategy into the defense industry in India.

It discusses key market entry aspects such as: market regulation, entry route and key challenges to entering the market, to offer the reader a better understanding of how the India defense industry operates and what business opportunities are available to them as new market entrants.




"The Indian Defense Industry - Market Entry Strategy to 2020: Market Profile" allows you to:

Understand the market regulations in the India defense industry.

Get insight on market entry route into the market.

Understand the key challenges to enter into the market.

Table of Contents

1 Introduction
1.1. What is this Report About?
1.2. Definitions
1.3. Summary Methodology
1.4. SDI Terrorism Index
1.5. About Strategic Defence Intelligence
2 Market Entry Strategy
2.1. Market Regulation
2.1.1. Defense Procurement Procedure (DPP) - 2011: A significant improvement
2.1.2. Offset policy to drive defense industrial modernization
2.1.3. Main features of revised Defense Offset Guidelines (DOG) - 2012
2.1.4. Private sectors permitted to produce arms and ammunition under the new Draft Arms and Ammunitions Manufacturing Policy (DAAM)
2.1.5. Payment to foreign technology partners does not require governmental approval
2.1.6. Foreign direct investment (FDI) increased to 49% in the Indian defense sector
2.2. Market Entry Route
2.2.1. Foreign OEMs are forming joint ventures in order to enter the market
2.2.2. India emerges as a key outsourcing hub for global defense companies
2.3. Key Challenges
2.3.1. Offset policy is biased towards the domestic public and private sectors
2.3.2. Insufficient information and transparency on future plans
2.3.3. Bureaucracy, corruption, and long project delays
2.3.4. Developing advanced low-cost solutions is essential to gain market share
3 Appendix
3.1. About SDI
3.2. Disclaimer

List of Tables

Table 1: Offset Policy in India
Table 2: Market Entry Strategies and Key Objectives of Foreign Companies in the Indian Defense Sector
Table 3: Key Players and their Operations in the Indian Defense Industry

List of Figures


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