Metals Sector in India - 2016 : Market size, Market trends, Growth drivers, Future forecast, Market opportunity

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This report provides an insight into the Metals Sector in India.

In depth profile includes;
- Overview of Steel, Copper and Aluminium Sector in India
- Analysis of steel demand and supply, production growth, capacity addition and utilization rate in India
- Insights into the growth drivers, key issues and challenges
- Insights into the govt. policies and their impact on metals sector in India
- Key investments and Key projects in Metals sector in India

Market data and analytics are derived from a combination of primary and secondary sources.

01 Background
a. Scope of this research
b. Research aim and objectives

02 Steel Sector
a. Sector Snapshot
b. Sector Structure
c. Demand and Supply Crude Steel
d. Capacity Addition and Utilization Rate
e. Production Growth Finished Steel
f. Growth drivers
g. Key Issues and Challenges
h. Technology trend
i. Company-wise Crude Steel Installed Capacity
j. Key EPCs & Consultants
k. Prevailing Govt. policies and their impact
l. Steel Investment Scenario
m. Crude Steel Likely Capacity Addition (Mn Tons)
n. Crude Steel Likely Investment Spread

03 Copper Sector
a. Sector Snapshot
b. Sector Structure
c. Demand Supply Scenario
d. Copper Mining Clusters
e. Key challenges and issues
f. Growth drivers
g. Copper mining & Smelter projects

04 Aluminum Sector
a.Sector snapshot
b.Bauxite Reserves in India
c.Industry Structure (Aluminum Smelters)
d.Major clusters
e.Prevailing policies and their impact
f.Aluminium Smelters: Challenges
g.Aluminum smelters: Growth Drivers
h.Projects Under Implementation/ already Announced

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