Global Mobile Healthcare Device Market by Country (United States, Canada, India, China, Japan, United Kingdom), Company Profiles, Share, Trends, Analysis, Size, Opportunities, Segmentation and Forecast 2015 - 2021

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There has been significant progress seen in the mobile healthcare market due to sound and affordable innovative technologies and increase in life style oriented diseases and increase in smartphone users. According to Occams Research analysis the mobile healthcare device market is estimated to hit $20 billion in 2021. SMBG, BP monitors, wearable devices and cardiac monitors have been leading the market.

The buying criterion involves reliability, price, quality and brand. The most important aspect of buying in mobile healthcare market is the reliability of the app or device to garner information and take appropriative action. . Mobile healthcare market is growing due to substantial need of patients who are monitored from home.

Companies profiled in this report include
1. Qualcommlife
2. Athenahealth
3. Apple
4. Voxiva
5. Telcare
6. Motion Computing
7. AliveCor

This Occams Research Report covers

1. Historical data
2. Revenue forecasts, growth rates and CAGR upto 2021
3. Industry Analysis
4. Competitive Analysis
5. Key geographic growth data
6. Deep profiles  top competitive  companies

Based upon extensive primary and secondary research to provide comprehensive and granular data, this report allows marketers to confidently update their strategic and tactical plans. The scope of mobile healthcare is increasing the report will give insight of the market trends and opportunity.

Marketers need d
Chap 1. Executive Summary

Chap 2. Market Overview
2.1. Introduction
2.2. Major segments in mobile healthcare market
2.3. Definition
2.4. Key findings of the report are given below
2.4.1. Advancement in mobile healthcare technology
2.4.2. Affordability is a concern
2.4.3. Innovation in the market
2.4.4. Increase in lifestyle oriented diseases
2.4.5. Untapped market in developing economies
2.4.6. Increase in smartphone users
2.5. Key Buying Criteria
2.5.1. Reliability
2.5.2. Price
2.5.3. Brands
2.6. Value Chain Analysis
2.6.1. Product Management
2.6.2. Manufacturing & Designing
2.6.3. Sales & Distribution
2.6.4. Connectivity
2.6.5. End User/ User Interface
2.7. Strategic Recommendation
2.7.1. Untapped Asian markets to be explored
2.7.2. Partnership and collaboration enable to reach masses
2.7.3. Technology and Innovation is needed in a competitive market place with rapidly changing technology
2.7.4. Prices can be a deciding factor in a cost conscious Asian market
2.7.5. Awareness drives sales

Chap 3. Market Determinants
3.1. Drivers of mobile healthcare market
3.1.1. Global increase in smartphone users
3.1.2. Global increase in lifestyle oriented diseases Diabetic patients have been increasing globally Complications due to diabetes Cardiovascular and other heart diseases
3.1.3. Technological advancement all over the world Technology and mobile healthcare companies go hand in hand
3.1.4. Innovations to stay competitive Some innovation in recent time
3.1.5. Partnership drives the mobile healthcare market Key partnerships in mobile healthcare market
3.2. Restraints of mobile healthcare market
3.2.1. High cost of treatment and products Expensive mobile healthcare technologies High cost of laboratory tests Lingering diseases to incur more cost Affordability and Cost Heart rate monitors- Cardiac Event Monitors Electrocardiogram Machine Blood Pressure Monitors
3.2.2. Smartphone account for only 39% of total mobile sales
3.2.3. Reliability issues Some apps under FDA scanner
3.2.4. Stringent regulatory policies FDA and certain guidelines
3.3. Opportunities in mobile healthcare market
3.3.1. Huge scope in connected device and application market
3.3.2. Innovative technologies Innovative technology adds value to the product
3.4. Challenges of Mobile healthcare market
3.4.1. Lack of healthcare services
3.4.2. Lack of inclusive mobile healthcare solutions
3.4.3. Dealing with increasing lifestyle oriented diseases
3.4.4. Prevalence of lifestyle oriented diseases CVD CHD Hypertension Diabetes Revenue analysis of mobile healthcare market

Chap 4. Key company analysis
4.1. athenahealth
4.2. Qualcomm Life
4.2.1. Platform for Qualcomm Life
4.3. Telcare
4.4. Alivcore
4.5. Voxiva

Chap 5. Strategies to stay competitive
5.1. Partnerships are the primary strategies of mobile healthcare market.
5.1.1. Telcare partners with MCM (Medical Cost Management) solutions
5.2. Innovation gives an edge over other competitors
5.2.1. Innovative approach
5.3. New products focus attention on the company
5.3.1. Launch of a product is an important tool
5.4. Acquisition leads to mutual growth
5.4.1. Acquisition in mobile healthcare market
5.5. Collaboration leads to better services
5.6. Patent settlement
5.6.1. Legal issues of patent settlement
5.6.2. Companies make settlement agreement

Chap 6. Market Segmentation
6.1. SMBG device market
6.1.1. Challenges for SMBG device users
6.1.2. Top brands of SMBG market Telcare blood glucose meter Abbott BGM
6.2. BP monitors
6.2.1. Blood pressure monitors are in demand due to certain drivers
6.2.2. High BP creates opportunity in BP market
6.2.3. Top brands of BP market Omron BP monitors Boots BP monitors iHealth Lab BP monitors
6.3. Neurological monitors
6.3.1. Some brands of neurological monitors Codman Camino
6.4. Cardiac monitor
6.5. Sleep apnea
6.5.1. Sleep Apnea is of two types Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) and  Central Sleep Apnea (CSA) Type I- Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) Type II CSA
6.6. Pulse Oximetry
6.6.1. Top brand of pulse oximeters Nellcor
6.7. Wearable mobile healthcare devices
6.7.1. Heart rate monitor Global increase in heart diseases led to heart rate monitors Opportunity created by technology Brief description of heart rate monitor brands Polar heart rate monitor Garmin heart rate monitors AliveCor heart monitors Opportunity created due to fitness conscious individuals
6.8. Others
6.8.1. Mental health devices
6.8.2. Cognitive behavior therapy apps
6.8.3. Other mobile healthcare applications
6.8.4. Top brands in mobile healthcare application market Epocrates providing mobile services Voxiva text for health services

Chap 7. Geographical Analysis
7.1. Geographies and growth parameters by countries
7.2. North America
7.2.1. United States (U.S.)
7.2.2. Diabetes in the US
7.2.3. The US regulations (FDA)
7.3. Canada
7.3.1. Disease prevalence in Canada Cardiovascular diseases (CVD) Cancer Diabetes Regulations in Canada Health impact of diabetes
7.4. Europe
7.4.1. Regulations regarding medical devices in Europe
7.4.2. Prevalent diseases in Europe United Kingdom (UK) France Germany
7.5. Asia Pacific
7.5.1. India Regulations in India Diseases prevalent in India Cancer Hepatitis-B HIV Opportunities in India
7.5.2. China Diseases prevalent in China CVD Diabetes Regulations in China
7.5.3. Japan Regulation in Japan Prevalent diseases in Japan
7.5.4. Korea Prevalent diseases in Korea Diabetes TB most infectious disease in Korea Regulation in Korea
7.5.5. Latin America Brazil Regulations in Brazil Prevalent diseases in Brazil Obesity Mexico Regulations Prevalence of diseases in Mexico
7.5.6. Rest of the World South Africa Regulations in South Africa Diseases prevalent in South Africa

Chap 8. Company Profiling
8.1. Qualcommlife
8.1.1. Overview
8.1.2. Qualcomm Life products portfolio
8.1.3. Strategic Moves
8.1.4. SCOT Analysis
8.1.5. Strategic analysis
8.2. athenahealth
8.2.1. Overview
8.2.2. athenahealth products portfolio
8.2.3. Strategic Moves
8.2.4. SCOT Analysis
8.2.5. Strategic analysis
8.3. Apple
8.3.1. Overview
8.3.2. Apple Products Portfolio
8.3.3. Revenue Analysis
8.3.4. Strategic Moves
8.3.5. SCOT Analysis
8.3.6. Strategic Analysis
8.4. Voxiva
8.4.1. Overview
8.4.2. Voxiva products portfolio
8.4.3. Strategic Moves
8.4.4. SCOT Analysis
8.4.5. Strategic analysis
8.5. Telcare
8.5.1. Overview
8.5.2. Telcare product portfolio
8.5.3. Strategic Moves
8.5.4. SCOT Analysis
8.5.5. Strategic analysis
8.6. Motion Computing
8.6.1. Overview
8.6.2. Apple Products Portfolio
8.6.3. Strategic Moves
8.6.4. SCOT Analysis
8.6.5. Strategic analysis
8.7. AliveCor
8.7.1. Overview
8.7.2. Alivecor products portfolio
8.7.3. Strategic Moves
8.7.4. SCOT Analysis
8.7.5. Strategic analysis

List of Tables

TABLE 1 Diabetes related data in 2014
TABLE 2 Price list of heart rate monitor
TABLE 3 Top 10 countries using smartphone and wireless connections 2013
TABLE 4 Global Mobile healthcare market by product 2013-2021 in $MILLION
TABLE 5 Global SMBG market by region from 2013-2021 in $MILLION
TABLE 6 Global BP Monitor markets by region from 2013-2021 in $million
TABLE 7 Omron BP monitor price
TABLE 8 Boots BP monitor price
TABLE 9 iHealth Lab BP Monitors price
TABLE 10 Global Neurological monitor market by region from 2013-2021 in $million
TABLE 11 Global cardiac monitor market by region from 2013-2021 in $million
TABLE 12 Global Sleep Apnea & Pulse oximeter market by region in 2013-2021 in $million
TABLE 13 Global wearable device market by region from 2013-2021 in $million
TABLE 14 CVD in different geographies
TABLE 15 Widely used heart rate monitors and their price
TABLE 16 Global other device market by region from 2013-2021 in $MILLION
TABLE 17 Global mobile healthcare market by geographies from 2013-2021 in $MILLION
TABLE 18 Type of Cancer and percentage in 2014
TABLE 19 Fatality in Europe in 2012
TABLE 20 CVD statistics of the UK in 2014
TABLE 21 Percentage of infectious diseases in Korea in 2012

List of Figures

FIGURE 1 Key Buying Criteria
FIGURE 2 Value chain analysis
FIGURE 3 Drivers of mobile healthcare market
FIGURE 4 Effective use of smartphone for healthcare
FIGURE 5 Market revenue of athenahealth from 2011-2013 in $million
FIGURE 6 Potential causes for Sleep Apnea
FIGURE 7 Increasing diabetes population in the U.S. 2011-12
FIGURE 8 CVD prevalence in Canada
FIGURE 9 TB patients increasing in Korea

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