Cardiology Surgical & Interventional Cardiology Devices Market by Country (United States, Canada, India, China, Japan, United Kingdom), Company Profiles, Share, Trends, Analysis, Size, Opportunities, Segmentation and Forecast 2015 - 2021

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The prevalence of heart diseases globally increases the demand for interventional cardiology surgeries. The cardiology surgeries are costly and have some risk factor attached - there is 3-5% probability of patients death. The global increase in life style oriented diseases has indirectly put pressure on the economies of the nation. The patient alone does not bear the cost of the treatment. The funding comes from the government health programs, reimbursement policies and health insurances to enable the patient for getting treatment.

US is the largest market for the Cardiovascular surgery devices with 46% of global share. Europe has captured 27% of market share in the cardiovascular surgery devices. APAC has largest growth in the market which mainly comes from the China and Japan.

This Occams Research Report covers

1. Historical data
2. Revenue forecasts, growth rates and CAGR upto 2021
3. Industry Analysis
4. Competitive Analysis
5. Key geographic growth data
6. Deep profiles  top competitive  companies

This report provides detailed analysis of Global Cardiology Surgical & Interventional Cardiology Devices  market. This report includes a brief market overview, market share analysis, and current market size, future forecast and key strategies of market leader which provide complete market scenario to the marketers to confidently update their strategic and tactical plans.

Marketers need data on volume and v
Chap 1.Executive summary

Chap 2.Market overview
2.1.Market Estimation Methodology
2.2.Value Chain analysis
2.2.3.Distributors & Retailers
2.2.4.End Users
2.3.Key Buying Criteria
2.3.4.Success rate
2.4.Key Strategies
2.4.1.Innovation Is The Key Industry Strategy to Overcome Competition
2.5.Partnerships, acquisitions and mergers
2.6.Product Launch- a make or break marketing strategy

Chap 3.Market determinants
3.1.1.Global increase in life style oriented diseases & fatalities
3.1.2.Medical Tourism
3.1.3.Medical Tourism Organizations
3.1.4.Global increase in healthcare spending
3.1.5.Increasing awareness of healthy lifestyle to drive the market
3.2.1.High Cost of Surgeries
3.2.2.Stringent government policies affect Cardiology market growth
3.3.1.Research and development to explore healthcare robotics
3.3.2.Technological advancements in surgeries
3.3.3.US FDA approved medical devices
3.4.1.High cost and Adoption issues of medical devices for hospitals and clinics
3.4.2.Reliability Issues

Chap 4.Market Segmentation
4.1.Cardiac rhythm management
4.1.1.Cardiac rhythm management devices
4.1.2.ICD: Cardioverter/defibrillators (ICD's)
4.1.3.Atrial Fibrillation Options for Atrial Fibrillation Open Heart Procedure Cardiac Ablation Procedure
4.2.1.Coronary arteries bypass grafting (CABG)
4.2.3.Transmyocardial Laser Revascularization (TMR)
4.2.4.Heart valve Repair/Replacement
4.2.5.Arrhythmia Treatment
4.2.6.Aneurysm Repair
4.2.7.Heart Transplant to Place Ventricular Assist Devices or Total Artificial Hearts
4.2.8.Open Heart Surgery
4.2.9.Types of open heart surgery
4.2.10.Off Pump Heart surgery
4.2.11.Minimally invasive surgeries
4.3.Imaging Devices
4.3.1.Still Imaging
4.3.2.Real time imaging
4.3.3.Magnetic Resonance Angiogram (MRA)
4.4.Cardiac Catheterization
Chap 5.Geographical Analysis
5.1.North America
5.1.1.United States (U.S.) FDA is vigilant over interventional cardiology device market
5.1.2.Canada and other heart diseases are the leading cause of mortality in Canada in Canada
5.2.1.United Kingdom (UK)
5.3.Asia Pacific
5.3.2.China prevalent in China
5.4.Rest of the World
5.4.3.South Africa

Chap 6.Corporate profile
6.1.Boston Scientific Corporation
6.1.2.Boston Scientific Corporation products portfolio in Cardiac
6.1.3.SCOT Analysis
6.2.C.R. Bard
6.2.2.Bard product portfolio in Cardiac
6.2.3.SCOT Analysis
6.3.2.Medtronic product portfolio in Cardiac
6.3.3.Strategic Moves
6.3.4.SCOT Analysis
6.4.Abbot Laboratories
6.4.2.Abbott laboratories portfolio in cardiac
6.4.3.SCOT Analysis
6.5.St. Jude Medical
6.5.2.St. Jude medical products portfolio in cardiac
6.5.3.SCOT Analysis
6.6.Cook Medical
6.6.2.Cook Medical products portfolio in cardiac:
6.6.3.Strategic moves
6.6.4.SCOT Analysis
6.7.Biosense Webster
6.7.2.Biosense Webster products portfolio in cardiac
6.7.3.SCOT Analysis
6.8.Edwards Lifescience
6.8.2.Edwards Lifesciences products portfolio in cardiac
6.8.3.Strategic moves
6.8.4.SCOT Analysis
6.9.Toshiba Medical Systems
6.9.2.Toshiba Medical System Products Portfolio in Cardiac
6.9.3.SCOT Analysis
6.10.Lombard Medical
6.10.2.Lombard Medical products portfolio in cardiac
6.10.3.SCOT Analysis
6.11.Atricure Inc
6.11.2.Atricure products portfolio in cardiac
6.11.3.SCOT Analysis
6.12.Atrium Medical Corporation
6.12.2.Atrium Medical products portfolio in cardiac
6.12.3.SCOT Analysis
6.13.Hansen Medical
6.13.2.Hansen medical Product Portfolio
6.13.3.SCOT Analysis
6.14.GE Healthcare
6.14.2.GE Healthcare Product Portfolio
6.14.3.Strategic Moves
6.14.4.SCOT Analysis
6.15.Philips Healthcare
6.15.2.Phillips Healthcare Products Portfolio in Cardiac
6.15.3.Strategic Moves (2013-14)
6.15.4.SCOT Analysis
6.16.Smith Medical
6.16.2.Smiths Medical Products Portfolio in Cardiac
6.16.3.SCOT Analysis
6.17.Berlin Heart
6.17.2.Berlin heart product portfolio in Cardiac
6.17.3.Strategic Moves (2013-2014)
6.17.4.SCOT Analysis
6.18.Cambridge Heart, Inc.
6.18.2.Cambridge heart product portfolio in Cardiac
6.18.3.SCOT Analysis
6.19.Johnson & Johnson
6.19.2.SCOT Analysis

List of Tables

TABLE 1 Global cardiology surgical devices market by segments, 2013-2021, (in $million)
TABLE 2 Fact sheet of CVD fatalities
TABLE 3 Price difference in India and US for cardiac related surgeries
TABLE 4 Health expenditure per capita increased from 2010 to 2014 (in US $)
TABLE 5 Type of surgery and price in 2012 in the US
TABLE 6 USFDA Approvals in 2014
TABLE 7 Global CRDM market b y regions, 2013-2021 (in $million)
TABLE 8 Global CRDM market by devices, 2013-2021 (in $million)
TABLE 9 Global defibrillation systems market, by regions, 2013-2021 (in million)
TABLE 10 Global Atrial fibrillation systems market, by regions, 2013-2021 (in million)
TABLE 11 Global Coronary surgery market, by regions, 2013-2021, (in $million)
TABLE 12 Global Cardiac Surgery market by regions, 2013-2021, (in $million)
TABLE 13 Global Transmyocardial Laser Revascularization (TMR) market, by regions, 2013-2021
TABLE 14 Global Heart Valve replacement market by regions, 2013-2021, (in $million)
TABLE 15 Global heart transplant surgery market, by regions, 2013-2021 (in $million)
TABLE 16 Global Cardiac Imaging market, by regions, 2013-2021, (in $ million)
TABLE 17 Global Cardiac Stents market, by regions, 2013-2021 (in $million)
TABLE 18 Global Cardiac catheters market, by regions, 2013-2021, (in $million)
TABLE 19 Global cardiology surgery market, by regions, 2013-2021 (in $million)
TABLE 20 North America cardiology surgical market, by regions, 2013-2021 (in $million)
TABLE 21 Europe cardiology surgical market by regions, 2013-2021, (in $million)
TABLE 22 Fatality in Europe in 2014
TABLE 23 CVD statistics of the UK in 2014
TABLE 24 Number of cardiologists in Spain
TABLE 25 Asia Pacific cardiology surgical market by regions, 2013-2021, (in $million)
TABLE 26 Cost of surgeries in Taiwan in 2013
TABLE 27 ROW cardiology surgical market by regions, 2013-2021, (in $million)

List of Figures

FIGURE 1 Market Share (%) of key players in the CRDM segment, 2013
FIGURE 2 Market Share (%) of key players in the Stents segment, 2013
FIGURE 3 Market Share (%) of key players in the Catheters segment, 2013
FIGURE 4 Global mortality rates for coronary heart disease, 2013
FIGURE 5 Fatalities increasing due to life style oriented diseases (in thousands),2013
FIGURE 6 United States Cardiology Surgical market, 2013-2021 (in $million)
FIGURE 7 CVD prevalence in Canada,2013
FIGURE 8 Canada cardiology surgical market, 2013-2021 (in $million)
FIGURE 9  Men Vs Women fatality rates in Europe 2014
FIGURE 10 United Kingdom cardiology surgical market, 2013-2021, (in $million)
FIGURE 11 France cardiology surgical market, 2013-2021 (in $million)
FIGURE 12 Germany cardiology surgical market, 2013-2021, (in $million)
FIGURE 13 Italy Cardiology surgery market, 2013-2021, (in $million)
FIGURE 14 India cardiology surgical market, 2013-2021, (in $million)
FIGURE 15 China cardiology surgical market, 2013-2021, (in $million)
FIGURE 16 Japan cardiology surgical market, 2013-2021, (in $million)
FIGURE 17 South Korea cardiology surgical market, 2013-2021, (in $million)

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