Global In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) Market by Country (United States, Canada, India, China, Japan, United Kingdom), Company Profiles, Share, Trends, Analysis, Size, Opportunities, Segmentation and Forecast 2015 - 2021

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Infertility is one of the major concerns in the world. One out of six couples in the world suffers from some form of infertility. About 10% women aged 20-44 suffer from infertility. There are various causes for infertility which include physiological (20-30% cases), some cases include genetically induced disorders whereas sometimes it may be self induced as in case of contraceptive surgeries. Infertility treatment is multibillion dollar industry with it being valued at $16.3 in 2013. The market is expected to grow with a CAGR of 6.1% between 2014 and 2021.

The market is driven by rising awareness amongst couples, a strong and developed health structure in developing nations, low cost treatment options available, and rise in the new methods like in vitro activation and surrogacy.

The testing and treatment market is growing at a faster rate in males than females. The earlier social taboos among men regarding male fertility have been declining, leading to increase in the male infertility testing and treatment market.

The cost of fertility treatment varies vastly from country to country leading to a rise in medial tourism in relationship with fertility treatments Israel is one of the leading countries with high quality treatments for infertility. The success rate of infertility treatment in Israel is around 46% which in one of the best globally

The companies profile in this report include

1. Merck Sereno
2. Origio
3. Vitrolife AB
4. A
Chap 1. Executive Summary 

Chap 2. Market overview 
2.1. Market Share for Drug & Hormone Therapy 
2.2. Key buying criteria 
2.2.1. Treatment options 
2.2.2. Quality of medical procedures 
2.2.3. Price of treatments 
2.2.4. Shift towards medical tourism 
2.2.5. Reimbursement 
2.3. Key Findings 
2.3.1. highest growth in Male infertility treatment segment 
2.3.2. Fertility tourism- The biggest and the growing trend 
2.3.3. Upper middle income group is the key target 
2.3.4. Regulatory environment key market enabler 
2.3.5. Surrogacy preferred for failures in IVF treatments 
2.3.6. Technological advancement enhancing success rates of fertility treatments 

Chap 3. Male and Female Infertility 
3.1. Causes 
3.1.1. Causes of male infertility Medical reasons Environmental factors Lifestyle issues 
3.1.2. Causes of female infertility Ovulatory disorders Poor functioning or damage to fallopian tube and other issues 
3.2. Ethical issues in infertility treatment 

Chap 4. Market Determinants 
4.1. Market Drivers 
4.1.1. Rise in infertility 
4.1.2. Fertility Tourism 
4.1.3. Surrogacy also responsible for fertility tourism 
4.1.4. Technological advancement in healthcare domain 
4.1.5. Increase in success rate of treatments 
4.1.6. Increasing acceptance of donor eggs by consumers 
4.2. Market Restraints 
4.2.1. Expensive procedure 
4.2.2. Legal issues 
4.3. Market Opportunities
4.3.1. Global requirement for low cost instruments and drugs in IVF 
4.3.2. IVF an attractive sector for investment for private equity investors 
4.3.3. Reproductive tourism 
4.4. Market Challenges 
4.4.1. Cost barrier for locals in emerging economies 
4.4.2. Low acceptance of infertility treatment amongst men 
4.4.3. Multiple births and birth defects 

Chap 5. Market Segmentation 
5.1. Male Infertility Market 
5.1.1. Male Infertility tests Semen analysis techniques CASA provides more accurate results in lesser time DNA fragmentation Importance of sperm DNA fragmentation When the test is conducted Causes of Sperm DNA fragmentation Oxidative Stress Analysis Testicular Biopsy Azoospermia is the reason in 15 percent infertile males Risks in testicular biopsy CNB and FNA Mapping is an emerging trend
5.1.2. Male infertility treatment types Surgery Vasovasectomy and Vasoepididymostomy (Vasectomy reversal) Sperm Retrieval Treatment Microsurgical Sperm Aspiration (MESA) Testicular Sperm Extraction (TESE) Varicocele repairs Drug & Hormone Therapy Assisted Reproductive Techniques (ART) Intrauterine insemination (IUI) In vitro fertilization (IVF) Intra cytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI)
5.2. Female infertility
5.2.1. Female infertility test Ovulation Testing Hysterosalpingography Laparoscopy Ovarian reserve testing Genetic Testing 
5.2.2. Female infertility treatment types In vitro fertilization Intrauterine insemination (IUI) Drug and hormone therapies 

Chap 6. IVF & Infertility market geography wise 
6.1. North America 
6.1.1. US 
6.1.2. Canada Regulation for IVF in Canada 
6.2. Asia 
6.2.1. China 
6.2.2. India Growing fertility tourism in India Need for a regulatory framework
6.2.3. Japan Fertility Regulations in Japan 
6.2.4. South Korea 
6.2.5. Thailand 
6.3. Europe 
6.3.1. Italy 
6.3.2. France Regulations in France Low cost treatment with social security cover in France
6.3.3. Germany Coverage Policy Regulations 
6.3.4. Spain Regulations in Spain 
6.3.5. Russia Regulations 

Chap 7. Company Profiling 
7.1. Andrology Solutions 
7.1.1. Overview 
7.1.2. Product Portfolio 
7.1.3. SCOT Analysis 
7.2. Auxilium Pharmaceuticals 
7.2.1. Overview 
7.2.2. Product Portfolio 
7.2.3. Revenue Analysis 
7.2.4. Strategic Moves 
7.2.5. SCOT Analysis 
7.3. Auxogyn 
7.3.1. Overview 
7.3.2. Products 
7.3.3. Strategic Moves 
7.3.4. SCOT Analysis 
7.4. Ferring Pharmaceuticals 
7.4.1. Overview 
7.4.2. Product Portfolio 
7.4.3. Strategic Moves 
7.4.4. SCOT Analysis 
7.5. Genea 
7.5.1. Overview 
7.5.2. Product Portfolio 
7.5.3. Strategic Moves
7.5.4. SCOT Analysis 
7.6. Halotech DNA 
7.6.1. Overview 
7.6.2. Product Portfolio 
7.6.3. Strategic Moves 
7.6.4. SCOT Analysis 
7.7. Irvine Scientific 
7.7.1. Overview 
7.7.2. Product Portfolio 
7.7.3. Strategic Moves 
7.7.4. SCOT Analysis 
7.8. Merck Serono 
7.8.1. Overview 
7.8.2. Product Portfolio 
7.8.3. Revenue Analysis 
7.8.4. Strategic Moves 
7.8.5. SCOT Analysis 
7.9. Origio 
7.9.1. Overview 
7.9.2. Product Portfolio 
7.9.3. Strategic Moves 
7.9.4. SCOT Analysis 
7.10. Ovascience 
7.10.1. Overview 
7.10.2. Product Portfolio 
7.10.3. Strategic Moves 
7.10.4. SCOT Analysis 
7.11. Vitrolife AB 
7.11.1. Overview 
7.11.2. Strategic Moves 
7.11.3. SCOT Analysis 

List of Tables

TABLE 1 Global Infertility treatment market by gender 2013-2021 ($Million) 
TABLE 2 Global average cost comparison of various treatments
TABLE 3 Global Male Infertility treatment market in $million (2013-2021) 
TABLE 4 Global female Infertility treatment market in $million (2013-2021) 
TABLE 5 Global Male Infertility Testing Market in $million (2013-2021) 
TABLE 6 Global CASA Market, 2013-2021 (in $million) 
TABLE 7 Advantages & Disadvantages of various DNA shearing methods 
TABLE 8 Global DNA fragmentation market by region, 2013-2021 (in $million) 
TABLE 9 Global oxidative stress analysis market by region, 2013-2021 (in $million) 
TABLE 10 Global sperm penetration assay market by region, 2013-2021 (in $million) 
TABLE 11 Global sperm agglutination market by region, 2013-2021 (in $million) 
TABLE 12 Global microscopic examination market by region, 2013-2021 (in $million) 
TABLE 13 Global Female infertility testing market, 2013-2021 (in $million) 
TABLE 14 Ovulation Testing Kits, US prices 
TABLE 15 Global Ovulation Testing market by region,, 2013-2021 (in $million) 
TABLE 16 Global Hysterosalpingography market, 2013-2021 (in $million) 
TABLE 17 Global Laparoscopy market, 2013-2021 (in $million) 
TABLE 18 Global market for Ovarian reserve testing, 2013-2021 (in $million) 
TABLE 19 Hormone test cost in the US 
TABLE 20 Global average cost of various infertility treatments 
TABLE 21 Global IVF treatment market by region, 2013-2021 (in $million) 
TABLE 22 Global IUI treatment market by region, 2013-2021 (in $million) 
TABLE 23 Global Drug and hormone therapies market by region, 2013-2021 (in $million) 
TABLE 24 Global Infertility treatment market by Geography in $million (2013-2021) 
TABLE 25 North America infertility treatment market, 2013-2021 (in $million) 
TABLE 26 Cost of IVF & ICSI treatment across Canada 2014 
TABLE 27 Asia-Pacific infertility treatment market, 2013-2021 (in $million) 
TABLE 28 Europe infertility treatment market, 2013-2021 (in $million) 
TABLE 29 Average Cost of IVF in Spain 
TABLE 30 Cost of IVF in Russia 

List of Figures

FIGURE 1 Market share of infertility treatment segments, 2013 
FIGURE 2 Infertility Drug Market share (%) in 2013 
FIGURE 3 Key buying criteria for infertility treatment 
FIGURE 4 Worldwide falling fertility rate (total births per woman) 
FIGURE 5 Causes of infertility based on gender 
FIGURE 6 Major fertility treatment destination ranking 
FIGURE 7 Number of live births using donor oocyte in the US, (2003-2012) 
FIGURE 8 Percentage of cycles with elective single embryo transfer in women below 35 years 
FIGURE 9 Decline in global fertility rate (birth per woman) 
FIGURE 10 Number of IVF cycles performed in the US 
FIGURE 11 US in infertility treatment market, 2013-2021 (in $million) 
FIGURE 12 Canada infertility treatment market, 2013-2021 (in $million) 
FIGURE 13 Growth rate of the number of IVF clinics in Asia 
FIGURE 14 China infertility treatment market, 2013-2021 (in $million) 
FIGURE 15 India infertility treatment market, 2013-2021 ($million) 
FIGURE 16 Japan infertility treatment market, 2013-2021 ($million) 
FIGURE 17 South Korea infertility treatment market, 2013-2021 (in $million) 
FIGURE 18 Breakdown of foreign patients in South Korea 
FIGURE 19 Thailand infertility treatment market, 2013-2021 (in $million) 
FIGURE 20 Fertility rate in Europe (2013) 
FIGURE 21 Italy infertility treatment market, 2013-2021 (in $million) 
FIGURE 22 France infertility treatment market, 2013-2021 (in $million) 
FIGURE 23 Germany infertility treatment market, 2013-2021 (in $million)  
FIGURE 24 Spain infertility treatment market, 2013-2021 (in $million) 
FIGURE 25 Russia infertility treatment market, 2013-2021 (in $million)

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