Global Medical Imaging Sensors Market by Country (United States, Canada, India, China, Japan, United Kingdom), Company Profiles, Share, Trends, Analysis, Size, Opportunities, Segmentation and Forecast 2015 - 2021

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The two major applications of medical imaging sensors are endoscopy imaging and X-ray imaging and these enable numerous applications, which in turn enhance medical diagnostics and treatments, especially those that need high-quality digital imaging.

Extensive competitive and strategy analysis is covered in this report.  Companies profiled include Awaiba, OmniVision, Canon, Fujifilm, Toshiba, ON semiconductors, CMOSIS nv, Teledyne DALSA, Suni Medical Imaging, NeuSoft amongst others. The report forecast market growth and trends via applications, technologies and geographies from 2014 -2021.

The latest technologies for medical imaging applications have reached an impressive range with several innovations and now include small, disposable diagnostic cameras, small endoscopic tools and prosthetic eyes. These innovations in digital imaging technology make it possible for surgeons to conduct minimally invasive medical procedures in fields such as gastrointestinal, ENT and urology practices, etc.

With emerging countries focusing on improving healthcare and investing and adopting latest technologies, a surge in demand for diagnostics and therapeutic devices can be expected; thus driving the medical imaging sensors market in these countries. Of the global markets APAC (Asia Pacific) market is expected to be the market with immense opportunities, while North America and Europe, which already have access to advanced technologies are expected to register a slowe
Chap 1. Introduction
1.1. Executive Summary 
1.2. Market Estimation Methodology

Chap 2. Market Overview
2.1. Key Findings 
2.1.1. CMOS Image Sensors To Take Over From CCD And ASIP Flat Panel Detectors As The Major Sensor Technology.
2.1.2. Emergence Of Advanced Sensor Technologies Will Drive The Market To Invest In 
2.2. Value Chain Analysis 
2.3. Key Buying Criteria 
2.4. Market Determinants 
2.4.1. Market Drivers Need For High Resolution And Accurate Images Growth In The Semiconductor Market Technical Advancements Global Increase In Healthcare Spending Global Increase In Life Style Oriented Diseases & Fatalities
2.4.2. Market Restraints Stringent Regulations Market Penetration Slow In Emerging Markets 
2.4.3. Market Opportunities Higher Adoption And Awareness Will Fuel The Future Market Growth Presence Of Multiple Technologies And Emergence Of New Sensor Technologies. New Opportunities To Enter The Medical Imaging Market
2.5. Strategic Recommendation 
2.5.1. Product Development And Research To Be The Key Strategy For Smaller Players
2.6. Unit Shipment Of Imaging Sensors Are Expected To Grow Significantly
2.7. Economic Scenario Of Top Performing Markets

Chap 3. Market Segmentation
3.1. By Types 
3.1.1. Surgery
3.1.2. Diagnosis
3.1.3. Therapeutic
3.2. By Therapeutic Areas 
3.2.1. Disposable Endoscopy
3.2.2. Magnetic Resonance Imaging Sensors
3.2.3. Computerized Tomography
3.2.4. Cancer And CVD Therapeutics Global Effect Of CVD Globally CVD Burdens Almost All The Regions Research And Development In CVD Therapeutics Global Impact Of CVD And Other Heart Diseases
3.2.5. Radiography
3.2.6. Orthopedic
3.2.7. Surgical
3.2.8. Dental Dental Radiography Dental Computed Tomography 
3.2.9. Ophthalmology
3.2.10. Laparoscopy Surgeries And Robotic Surgery
3.2.11. Mammography
3.2.12. Scientific X- Ray
3.2.13. Endoscopy Camera Pills Disposable Endoscopes Flexible Endoscopes Rigid Endoscopes 
3.2.14. X-Ray Imaging Intra-Oral Imaging X-Ray 3-D CBCT Extra-Oral Imaging 2-D Extra-Oral Imaging 3-D & Large Area
3.2.15. X-Ray Imaging By Sensor Type CMOS Image Sensors CCD Sensors Amorphous Silicon Flat Panels

Chap 4. Sector Analysis 
4.1. Diagnostic Imaging Devices Market
4.2. Imaging Sensor Market

Chap 5. Competitive Intelligence 
5.1. Market Share
5.1.1. Cases Of Investment Trend In Medical Imaging Sensors Market

Chap 6. Geographical Analysis 
6.1. North America1
6.1.1. US
6.1.2. Canada Regulations In Canada Diseases Prevalent In Canada
6.1.3. Rest Of North America
6.2. Europe
6.2.1. United Kingdom Diseases Prevalent In UK Regulations In UK
6.2.2. France 
6.2.3. Germany Diseases Prevalent In Germany
6.2.4. Spain
6.2.5. Italy
6.3. Asia Pacific
6.3.1. China 
6.3.2. Japan 
6.3.3. India
6.3.4. South Korea
6.3.5. Australia
6.4. Rest Of The World

Chap 7. Company Profiling
7.1. Awaiba (CMOSIS Germany Gmbh)
7.1.1. Overview 
7.1.2. SCOT Analysis
7.2. Omnivision
7.2.1. Overview 
7.2.2. Strategic Moves 
7.2.3. SCOT Analysis 1
7.3. Given Imaging
7.3.1. Overview 
7.3.2. SCOT Analysis
7.4. Medigus
7.4.1. Overview 
7.4.2. SCOT Analysis
7.5. Pixel Plus
7.5.1. Overview 
7.5.2. SCOT Analysis
7.6. On Semiconductors
7.6.1. Overview 
7.6.2. SCOT Analysis
7.7.1. Overview
7.7.2. SCOT Analysis
7.8. Teledyne Dalsa
7.8.1. Overview 
7.8.2. SCOT Analysis
7.9. Suni Medical Imaging
7.9.1. Overview 
7.9.2. SCOT Analysis
7.10. Neusoft
7.10.1. Overview 
7.10.2. SCOT Analysis
7.11. Hamatatasu
7.11.1. Overview 
7.11.2. Strategic Moves 
7.11.3. SCOT Analysis
7.12. Perkin Elmer
7.12.1. Overview 
7.12.2. Strategic Moves
7.12.3. SCOT Analysis
7.13. Toshiba
7.13.1. Overview 
7.13.2. SCOT Analysis
7.14. Canon
7.14.1. Overview 
7.14.2. SCOT Analysis 
7.15. Fujifilm
7.15.1. Overview 
7.15.2. Strategic Moves 
7.15.3. SCOT Analysis
7.16. Sony
7.16.1. Overview 
7.16.2. SCOT Analysis
7.17. Sharp
7.17.1. Overview 
7.17.2. SCOT Analysis
7.18. Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
7.18.1. Overview 
7.18.2. Strategic Moves 
7.18.3. SCOT Analysis
List of Tables

1 Global Medical Imaging Sensor Market, 2014-2021, ($Millions)
2 Health Expenditure Per Capita Increased From 2010 To 2014 (In Us $)
3 Global Impact Of Heart Diseases, 2012-2014
4 Diagnostic Device Manufacturers In India
5 Global Unit Shipments Of Medical Imaging Sensors (2015-2021)
6 Global Medical Imaging Sensor Market By Types, 2014-2021, ($Million)
7 Global Medical Imaging Sensor Market (Surgery) By Region 2014-2021, ($Million)
8 Global Medical Imaging Sensor Market (Diagnostic) By Region 2014-2021, ($Million)
9 Global Medical Imaging Sensor Market (Therapeutic) By Region, 2014-2021, ($Million)
10 Global Disposable Endoscope Sensor Market, By Region,2014-2021 (In $Million)
11 MRI Brands With Price In 2014
12 Pricelist Of Different CT Scans In US
13 Global Impact Of CVD And Other Chronic Diseases In 2013
14 Cost Of Digital Radiography Machines In US In 2014
15 Pricelist Of Orthopedic Outpatient Services And Diagnostics In Europe 2013
16 Global Camera Pill Endoscope Sensor Market, By Region, 2014-2021($Million)
17 Global Disposable Endoscope Sensor Market, By Region, 2014-2021 ($Million)
18 Global Flexible Endoscope Sensor Market, By Region, 2014-2021 ($Million)
19 Price List And Product Description Of Different Flexible Endoscope 2014
20 Global Rigid Endoscope Sensor Market, By Region, 2014-2021 ( $Million)
21 Global Intra-Oral Imaging Sensor Market, By Region, 2014-2021 ($Million )
22 Global 3-D CBCT Extra Oral Imaging Sensor Market, By Region, 2014-2021 ($Million ) 
23 Global 2-D Extra Oral Imaging Sensor Market, By Region, 2014-2021 ($Million)
24 Global 3-D Extra Oral Imaging Sensor Market, By Region, 2014-2021 ($Million)
25 Global X-Ray Imaging Sensor Market, By Region, 2014-2021 ($Million)
26 Global CMOS (X-Rays) Market By Geography, 2014-2021, ($Million)
27 Global CCD (X) Market By Region From 2014-2021 ($Million)
28 Global ASIP Sensor Market, By Region, 2014-2021, ($Million)
29 Merger, Acquisitions And Joint Ventures
30 North America Medical Imaging Sensor Market, 2014-2021, ($Million)
31 Prevalence Of Cancer In Canada 2014
32 Europe Medical Imaging Sensor Market, 2014-2021, ($Million)
33 CVD Statistics Of The UK In 2014
34 Number Of Cardiologists In Spain
35 APAC Medical Imaging Sensor Market By Region 2014-2021, ($Million)

List of Figures

1 Market Strength Study, 2014
2 Value Chain Analysis
3 Supply Chain Of Medical Imaging Sensor Market
4 Import Semiconductor Price Value (United States), 2010-2012
5 Global Mortality Rates Of Cardiovascular Diseases
6 Fatalities Increasing Due To Life Style Oriented Diseases (In Thousands)
7 Strategy And Supply Chain Comparison Of Established And Small Companies
8 Global Medical Imaging Sensor Unit Shipments Growth Rate, 2014-2021, (In %)
9 Unit Shipments By Sensor Types, 2014, (%)
10 CT Scans And Its Benefits
11 Population Affected In Low-Middle Income Countries In 2012
12 Percentage Of CVD In 2012
13 Advantages And Disadvantages Of Radiography
14 Advantages And Disadvantages Of Dental Radiography
15 Camera Pills The Latest Technology In Trend
16 Advantages And Disadvantages Of Endoscope
17 Benefits Of Flexible Endoscopy
18 Advantages Of Rigid Endoscopy
19 Advantages And Disadvantages Of CCD Sensors
20 Benefits Of Amorphous Silicon Flat Panel Detector
21 Global Market Share Of The Key Companies In The Diagnostic Imaging Market, 2014
22 Market Strategy
23 United States Medical Imaging Sensor Market, 2014-2021 ($Million)
24 Canada Medical Imaging Sensor Market, 2014-2021, ($Million)
25 CVD Prevalence In Canada
26 Rona Medical Imaging Sensor Market, 2014-2021, ($Million)
27 UK Medical Imaging Sensor Market, 2014-2021, ($Million)
28 France Medical Imaging Sensor Market, 2014-2021, ($Million)
29 Germany Medical Imaging Sensor Market, 2014-2021, ($Million)
30 Spain Medical Imaging Sensor Market, 2014-2021, ($Million)
31 Italy Medical Imaging Sensor Market, 2014-2021, ($Million)
32 China Medical Imaging Sensor Market, 2014-2021, ($Million)
33 Japan Medical Imaging Sensor Market, 2014-2021, ($Million)
34 Global Imaging Sensor Market In India From 2014-2021 ($Million)
35 South Korea Medical Imaging Sensor Market, 2014-2021, ($Million)
36 Australia Medical Imaging Sensor Market, 2014-2021, ($Million)

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