Global Medical Robotics Market by Country (United States, Canada, India, China, Japan, United Kingdom), Company Profiles, Share, Trends, Analysis, Size, Opportunities, Segmentation and Forecast 2015 - 2021

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Healthcare robotics is a nascent but growing market with huge scope in the future. The complex and critical surgeries are being performed through robotic technologies such as minimally invasive surgeries. Such technique enables surgeons to perform various critical surgeries such as the prostate cancer, brain tumor, artery bypass, valve repair and replacement, arterial fibrillation amongst others. The surgeries are performed with minimal incision to avoid scars and blood loss. The recovery of patients is faster with less amount of pain compared to open surgeries. Robots were used in nearly half a million surgeries in the US in 2013 a rise of 15% over 2012. The global robotics market is estimated to be $6500 million by the year 2021.
This Occams Research Report covers

1. Historical data
2. Revenue forecasts, growth rates and CAGR upto 2021
3. Industry Analysis
4. Competitive Analysis
5. Key geographic growth data
6. Deep profiles  top competitive  companies

The report covers the following:

* Extensive study of all the healthcare robotics segment. Through study of all the factors such as drivers, restraints, opportunities and challenges.
* The report covers all the important geographies, covering state of regulations and laws. The state of market in the particular geographies and all related factors.
* The report mainly focuses on surgical robotics, The report covers thorough analysis of all the companies and effe
Chap 1.Executive Summary

1.1. Market Estimation Methodology

Chap 2. Healthcare Robotics Market Overview

2.1. Key Findings
2.1.1. Surgical Robotics Is The Fastest Growing Market Segment.
2.1.2. China And India Are The Emerging Markets In Automation
2.1.3. High Cost Is The Biggest Restraint
2.2. Value Chain Analysis
2.2.1. Role Of The Distributors Is Key To Surgical Robotics Sale (Value Chain Analysis) Suppliers & Retailers Users   
2.3. Key Buying Criteria
2.3.1. Objective
2.3.2. Price
2.3.3. Availability

Chap 3. Market Determinants

3.1. Key Motivators
3.1.1. Alternative Methodology For Minimally Invasive Surgeries
3.1.2. Pouring Investment Globally In Healthcare Robotics
3.1.3. Government Support For Healthcare Robotics
3.1.4. Fda Nod To Critical Surgeries
3.1.5. Increasing Number Of Medication Error Deaths
3.1.6. Automation Saves Time
3.2. Factors Restraining The Growth Of Healthcare Robotics Market
3.2.1. Highly Expensive Technology And Niche Product
3.2.2. Adoption Issues For Healthcare Robotics In Hospitals
3.3. Key Opportunities
3.3.1. Research And Development To Explore Healthcare Robotics
3.3.2. Funds Raised By Robotic Industry
3.3.3. Government Regulations
3.3.4. Epidemic Disease And Crisis Controlling Robots
3.3.5. Patient Care
3.4. Key Challenges
3.4.1. Less Adoption Of Robotic Technology
3.4.2. Reliability Issues

Chap 4. Market Segmentation:

4.1. Surgical Robots
4.1.1. Cost Of Robotic Surgeries
4.1.2. Surgical Robots Present In The Market The Makoplasty Procedure Da Vinci Surgical System By Intuitive
4.2. Lab Automation In Healthcare Robotics
4.2.1. Automated Liquid Handling Top Brands In Automated Liquid Handling Market
4.2.2. Pipetting Systems
4.2.3. Microplate Readers
4.2.4. Microplate Washer
4.2.5. Stand Alone Robots
4.3. Pharmacy Automation
4.3.1. Automated Medicine Dispensing Machines
4.3.2. Packaging And Drug Labeling Machines
4.3.3. Automated Storage And Retrieval System (Asrs)
4.3.4. Hospital Automation System

Chap 5. Sector Analysis

Chap 6. Market Segmentation By Geographies:

6.1. North America
6.1.1. United States
6.1.2. Canada
6.2. Europe
6.2.1. United Kingdom (Uk)
6.2.2. France
6.2.3. Germany
6.3. Asia Pacific (Apac)
6.3.1. China
6.3.2. Japan
6.3.3. Korea
6.3.4. India

Chap 7. Company Profiling

7.1. Intuitive Surgical
7.1.1. Overview
7.1.2. Intuitive Surgical Products Portfolio
7.1.3. Strategic Moves
7.1.4. Scot Analysis
7.2. Accuray, Inc.
7.2.1. Overview
7.2.2. Accuray Inc. Product Portfolio
7.2.3. Strategic Moves
7.2.4. Scot Analysis
7.3. Mako Surgical Corp
7.3.1. Overview
7.3.2. Mako Surgical Product Portfolio
7.3.3. Strategic Moves
7.3.4. Scot Analysis
7.4. Mazor Robotics
7.4.1. Overview
7.4.2. Mazor Robotics Product Portfolio
7.4.3. Strategic Moves
7.4.4. Scot Analysis
7.5. Hansen Medical
7.5.1. Overview
7.5.2. Hansen Medical Product Portfolio
7.5.3. Strategic Moves
7.5.4. Scot Analysis
7.6. Titan Medical, Inc.
7.6.1. Overview
7.6.2. Titan Medical Inc Product Portfolio
7.6.3. Strategic Moves
7.6.4. Scot Analysis
7.7. Health Robotics
7.7.1. Overview
7.7.2. Health Robotics Product Portfolio
7.7.3. Strategic Moves
7.7.4. Scot Analysis
7.8. Abbot Diagnostics
7.8.1. Overview
7.8.2. Abbot Diagnostics Product Portfolio
7.8.3. Strategic Moves
7.8.4. Scot Analysis
7.9. Agilent Technologies
7.9.1. Overview
7.9.2. Agilent Product Portfolio
7.9.3. Strategic Moves
7.9.4. Scot Analysis
7.10. Aurora Biomed Inc
7.10.1. Overview
7.10.2. Aurora Biomed Product Portfolio
7.10.3. Scot Analysis
7.11. Roche Holding Ag
7.11.1. Overview
7.11.2. Roche Holdings Ag Products Portfolio
7.11.3. Strategic Moves
7.11.4. Scot Analysis
7.12. Siemens Healthcare
7.12.1. Overview
7.12.2. Siemens Healthcare Products Portfolio
7.12.3. Strategic Moves
7.12.4. Scot Analysis
7.13. Biotek Instruments Inc.
7.13.1. Overview
7.13.2. Biotek Instruments Inc. Products Portfolio
7.13.3. Strategic Moves
7.13.4. Scot Analysis
7.14. Baxter International Inc.
7.14.1. Overview
7.14.2. Baxter International Inc. Products Portfolio
7.14.3. Strategic Moves
7.14.4. Scot Analysis
7.15. Carefusion
7.15.1. Overview
7.15.2. Strategic Moves
7.15.3. Carefusion Products Portfolio
7.15.4. Scot Analysis

List of Tables
Table 1 Global Healthcare Robotics Market, 2013-2021 (In $Million)
Table 2 Price List Of Robotic Surgeries Globally In 2012
Table 3 Areas Of Expertise Needed For Robotic Surgeries
Table 4 Global Surgical Robotics Market, 2013-2021 (In $Million)
Table 5 Global Lab Automation Market By Region, 2013-2021 (In $Million)
Table 6 Automated Liquid Handling Machine Prices
Table 7 Top Brands In Automated Pipetting Systems And Price
Table 8 Price Of Microplate Readers
Table 9 Features Of Microplate Reader
Table 10 Global Healthcare Robotics Market By Geography (In $Million), 2013-2021
Table 11 North American Healthcare Robotics Market (In $Million), 2013-2021
Table 12 European Healthcare Robotics Market (In $Million), 2013-2021
Table 13 Asia Pacific Healthcare Robotics Market (In $Million), 2013-2021
List of Figures

Figure 1 Healthcare Robotics Timeline
Figure 2 India China Healthcare Factsheet
Figure 3 Value Chain Analysis
Figure 4 Key Buying Criteria:
Figure 5 Global Automated Liquid Handling Market, 2013-2021, ( In $Million)
Figure 6 Global Pipetting Systems Market, 2013-2021, ( In $Million)
Figure 7 Global Microplate Reader Market, 2013-2021, (In $Million)
Figure 8 Global Microplate Washer Market, 2013-2021, ( In $Million)
Figure 9 Global Standalone Robots Market, 2013-2021, ( In $Million)
Figure 10 Global Automated Medicine Dispensing Machines Market, 2013-2021, ( In $Million)
Figure 11 Global Packaging And Automated Labeling Market, 2013-2021, (In $Million)
Figure 12 Global Automated Storage And Retrieval System (Asrs), 2013-2021, (In $Million)
Figure 13 U.S. Market Share In The Major Automation And Robotics Segment (2013)
Figure 14 United States Healthcare Robotics Market (In $Million), 2013-2021
Figure 15 Canada Healthcare Robotics Market (In $Million), 2013-2021
Figure 16 Uk Healthcare Robotics Market (In $Million), 2013-2021
Figure 17 France Healthcare Robotics Market (In $Million), 2013-2021
Figure 18 Germany Healthcare Robotics Market (In $Million), 2013-2021
Figure 19 China Healthcare Robotics Market (In $Million), 2013-2021
Figure 20 Japan Healthcare Robotics Market (In $Million), 2013-2021
Figure 21 Korea Healthcare Robotics Market (In $Million), 2013-2021
Figure 22 India Healthcare Robotics Market (In $Million), 2013-2021

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