India Cord Blood Stem Cell Banking Market

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Cord Blood Stem Cell Banking has emerged as new opportunity of healthcare services provider in Indian market. The market is still in nascent stage of development and valued around US$ 60 Million in 2013 and further expected to surpass US$ 400 Million by 2018. The current cord blood stem cell preservation level for new born baby is below 1% and hence there exists immense opportunity for cord blood stem cell preservation service providers to grow exponentially in coming years. With more than 20 million births every year there exist ample market opportunity for large number of cord blood stem cells banks to enter Indian stem cell preservation market and expand their services portfolio. The market potential of cord blood stem cell banking in India is valued at more than US$ 350 Million at preservation level of 1% which can increase to more than US$ 1 Billion at stem cell preservation level of 3% for new born babies.

Many factors have actively contributing towards this overwhelming success cord blood stem cell banking in India and one of the major reasons for its success has been collaborations. Apart from handling the main stage single handedly, much collaboration both national and international has come to meet this upsurge. Growth in this sector can further be enhanced based on increased percolation of the middle class, which is thought to possess largest spending power, defined regulatory framework to help ensure that ethics and

1. India Stem Cell Research & Therapy Market Overview

2. India Cord Blood Stem Cell Banking Market Overview
2.1 Current Market Scenario
2.2 Cord Blood Banking
2.3 Menstrual Blood Banking

3. Cord Blood Stem Cell Banking Market Dynamics
3.1 Cost Analysis
3.2 Issues to be Resolved
3.3 Future Growth Avenues

4. India Focused Business Model for Cord Blood Stem Cell Banks
4.1 Public Private Partnership
4.2 In-House Stem Cell Banks by Hospitals
4.3 Tie Up with Hospital Chains
4.4 Stand Alone Stem Cell Banks

5. Regulatory & Policy Framework
5.1 Past (2007) - Guidelines for Stem Cell Research and Therapy
5.2 Present (2012) - Guidelines for Stem Cell Research
5.3 2012 Guidelines: At a Glance

6. Institutional Support Framework
6.1 Centre for Stem Cell Research
6.2 Indian Council of Medical Research
6.3 Department of Biotechnology

7. Competitive Landscape
7.1 LifeCell
7.2 Cryobank India
7.3 CordLife
7.4 Unistem
7.5 ReliCord

List of Figures

Figure 2-1: Cord Blood Stem Cell Banking Market (INR Crore/ US$ Million), 2013-2018
Figure 2-2: Cord Blood Stem Cell Banking Market Opportunity by Region (%), 2013 & 2018
Figure 2-3: Stem Cell Preservation Penetration in India, US & Europe
Figure 2-4: Top 5 Factors Favoring Growth of Cord Blood Stem Cell Business in India
Figure 2-5: Number of Preserved Stem Cells (000) at Multiple Stem Cell/Cord Blood Preservation Level (1% to 5%), 2014
Figure 2-6: Cord Blood Stem Cell Banking Opportunity (US$ Million) at Multiple Cord Blood Stem Cell Preservation Level (1% to 5%),2014
Figure 2-7: Number of Cord Blood Stem Cells Banks Required in India, 2014 & 2018
Figure 2-8: Suggested Measures for Increasing Market for Cord Blood Banking in India
Figure 2-9: Measures to Make Cord Blood Banking Success in India
Figure 2-10: Number of Umbilical Cords Storage (000), 2012-2018
Figure 2-11: Awareness About Benefits for Cord Blood Banking in India

List of Tables

Table 1-1: Institutes, Hospitals and Industries Involved in Stem Cell Research
Table 1-2: Private & Public Institutions Offering Stem Cell Banking in India
Table 2-1: Unique Issues Related to Cord Blood Transplantation
Table 2-2: Public v/s Private Stem Cell Banks
Table 2-3: Top 15 Preferred Location (Cities) for Cord Blood Banks in India
Table 3-1: Comparative Procedure Charges in India & US (US$)
Table 3-2: Cord Blood Stem Cell Banking Plans & Costs for Lifecell
Table 3-3: Cord Blood Stem Cell Banking Plans & Costs for Cryobanks
Table 3-4: India v/s Global Stem Cell Banking Pricing Matrix (US$)

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