Market Research Report on Medical Devices & Surgical Disposables in India (Disposable Plastic Syringes, Blood Bags, X Ray, Ultrasound, ECG, Pacemakers, IV Fluid Sets and Other Devices)

Mar, 2014   |   156  Pages   |   ISBN : 9789381039373   |   NPCS   |   Format : Paperback

The Market Research Report on MEDICAL DEVICES & SURGICAL DISPOSABLES IN INDIA (Disposable Plastic Syringes, Blood Bags, X-Ray, Ultrasound, ECG, Pacemakers, IV Fluid Sets and Other Devices) Present & Future Prospects, Market Analysis, Statistics, Trends & Opportunities, Growth Drivers, SWOT Analysis, Industry Size, Outlook and Forecasts Upto 2017 released by Niir Project Consultancy Services, provides a comprehensive analysis on the medical device industry in India. The report begins with the global scenario of the medical device industry including market size forecasts till 2017 and eventually unwraps with the Indian scenario of the medical device and surgical disposable industry. The report elucidates the structure of Indian medical device industry, its classification in various risk classes and its segmentation into various sub-segments. Key segments include diagnostic imaging, dental products, disposables, orthopedic & prosthesis, IV diagnostics and patient aids. The reports also names various sub segments of the above mentioned segments.

The report provides an expansive market analysis of the Indian medical device sector by covering areas like growth drivers, trends prevailing in the industry, regulatory framework as well as comprehensive SWOT analysis of the sector. The report provides an elaborative analysis of the factors which are and will be driving the growth of the industry. Such factors include burg

1.1 Global Medical Device Industry
1.2 Indian Medical Device Industry
1.2.1 Classification of the Industry

2.1 Industry Growth Drivers
2.1.1 Burgeoning medical tourism
2.1.2 Growth of the hospital sector
2.1.3 Rising Health Awareness
2.1.4 Escalating Incidence of Lifestyle Diseases
2.1.5 Rising Life Expectancy
2.1.6 Increased Government Focus
2.2 Emerging Trends in the Industry
2.2.1 Refurbished Equipment
2.2.2 Increasing Investments
2.2.3 Rising Mergers & Acquisitions
2.2.4 Focus on Affordable Manufacturing
2.3 Regulatory Framework & Government Initiatives
2.3.1 Status of Regulations
2.3.2 Governing Bodies
2.4 SWOT Analysis
2.4.1 Strengths Ready Market Base Favorable Demographics Part of the Recession Proof Industry
2.4.2 Weaknesses Improper Legislation Lack of Funding and R&D Lack of Trained Personnel
2.4.3 Opportunities Growing Disposable Incomes Government Spending on Healthcare Low Medical Device Penetration
2.4.4 Threats Competition Low Healthcare Penetration

3.1 ECG Equipment
3.2 Disposable Syringe
3.3 Disposable Blood Bags
3.4 X-Ray Equipment
3.5 Ultrasound Equipment
3.6 IV Fluid Sets
3.7 Pacemakers

4.1 Hindustan Syringes & Medical Devices Ltd
4.2 Opto Circuits (India) Ltd
4.3 Wipro GE Healthcare Pvt Ltd

5.1 Players in the Segment
5.1.1 Contact Information Registered Office Address Directors Name
5.1.2 Key Financials Plant Location Raw Material Consumption Plant Capacity & Sales
5.1.3 Financial Comparison Assets Liabilities Growth in Assets & Liabilities Structure of Assets & Liabilities Income & Expenditure Growth in Income & Expenditure Profits Liquidity Ratios Profitability Ratios Return Ratios Working Capital & Turnover Ratios
5.2 Buyers of the Industrys Product
5.2.1 Registered Office Address
5.2.2 Financial Comparison Assets Liabilities Income & Expenditure


Figure 1 Global Medical Device Industry- Market Size (2006-17, In USD Billions)
Figure 2 Indian Medical Device Industry- Structure
Figure 3 Indian Medical Device Industry- Segmentation
Figure 4 Medical Tourist Arrivals in India (2005-15E, In Nos.)
Figure 5 Indian Hospital Sector- Market Size (2008-17, In USD Billions)
Figure 6 Health Insurance Premium (FY08-13, In INR Billions)
Figure 7 Per Capita Health Expenditure (2006-11, In USD)
Figure 8 World Diabetics Statistics (In Millions)
Figure 9 Percentage of Population with Lifestyle Diseases
Figure 10 Population Distribution of India
Figure 11 Private Equity Deals in Indian Medical Device Sector (FY08-14)
Figure 12 Population of India (2008-17E, In Millions)
Figure 13 Population Growth of 60+ years in India
Figure 14 Indian Healthcare Industry- Market Size (2008-17, In USD Billions)
Figure 15 India's Annual Per Capita Income (2008-13, In INR)
Figure 16 Plan Outlay for Health Sector in 5 Year Plans (In INR Billions)
Figure 17 Per Capita Expenditure on Medical Devices in Various Countries (In USD)
Figure 18 Beds Per 1000 Population
Figure 19 Demand for ECG Equipment in India (2008-17, In Units)
Figure 20 Indian ECG Equipment Market- Industry Size (2008-17, In INR Millions)
Figure 21 Demand for Disposable Syringes in India (2007-17, In Billion Nos)
Figure 22 Demand for Disposable Blood Bags in India (2007-17, In Million Nos.)
Figure 23 Demand for X-Ray Equipment in India (2009-17, In Units)
Figure 24 Indian X-Ray Equipment Industry - Market Size (2008-17, In INR Millions)
Figure 25 Demand for Ultrasound Equipment in India (2009-17, In Units)
Figure 26 Indian Ultrasound Equipment Industry- Market Size (2009-17, In INR Millions)
Figure 27 Demand for IV Fluid Sets in India (2007-17, In Million Bottles)
Figure 28 Demand for Pacemakers in India (2007-17, In Nos.)
Figure 29 Opto Circuits (India) Ltd- Shareholding Pattern (Dec 2013)
Figure 30 Medical Device Industry in India- Market Size (2008-17, In INR Billions)

Table 1 Classification of Medical Devices in India
Table 2 Private Equity Investments in Indian Medical Device Sector (FY14)
Table 3 Domestic Mergers & Acquisitions in the Sector
Table 4 Outbound Mergers & Acquisitions in the Sector
Table 5 List of Notified Medical Devices
Table 6 Acquisitions by Opto Circuits (India) Ltd
Table 7 Opto Circuits (India) Ltd- Financial Summary (2011-13)
Table 8 Opto Circuits (India) Ltd- Segmental Performance (2010-13, In INR Millions)

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