Sectoral Capsule-The Heart of the Matter-Cardiovascular Market in India

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Indias pharmaceutical industry is moving fast to grab the top spot globally. It ranks third-largest in the world by volume and fourteenth in terms of domestic consumption. The sector is expected to touch USD 38 billion in sales by 2017 from an estimated USD 17.40 billion in 2012. The domestic pharmaceutical market is forecast to grow at a CAGR of 13 percent during the next five years. The Indian pharma sector contributes around 10 percent of the world production, including 20 percent of the global generics. It manufactures around 30 percent of the total requirement of anti-HIV drugs and is a global leader in the export of generic medicines.

The Indian cardiovascular drugs segment was valued at USD 2.08 billion in 2012, with a market share of 12 percent. The industry is estimated to reach USD 7.22 billion by 2018 at a CAGR of 23 percent through 2013-2018. Cardiovascular drugs are the second- largest segment in the domestic pharmaceutical market. Within it, anti-hypertensive drugs account for the maximum share. Changing demographics, fast lifestyles and increasing stress levels have contributed to the rise of cardiovascular diseases in the country. According to a recent World Bank Study, India is termed the heart-disease capital of the world. Low intake of fruits and vegetables and high levels of smoking and drinking have largely contributed to the rising incidence of heart diseases in India.

Indias disease burden h

1. Indian Pharmaceutical Industry

2. Cardiovascular Drug Market in India
2.1 Major Cardiovascular Drugs in India

3. Trends

4. Medical Tourism in India
4.1 Global Cost Comparison of Cardiovascular Surgery
4.2 Medical Tourism Centres in India

5. Pacemaker Market in India

5. Financials of Major Companies

6. Outlook

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