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Indian companies are taking center stage in Complex Generics at US and EU markets. In Bio-similars, Indian companies will have perhaps the largest basket aimed at Emerging Countries in 2014-16 and later for Developed countries. Though few but is the beginning of NCE/mAb development by Indian companies is a sign of Indian Generics moving up in the chain. The uncertainty of clinical and regulatory pathways in the US helps Asian biopharma and biotech companies to be in forefront in developing and marketing biosimilars. Biopharma/ biotech companies in India, S. Korea, China may have significant advantages of low-cost manufacturing, colossal markets, and healthy government support over potential peers from other regions. The cost barriers in the biosimilar market lead regulated marketed giants to tie up with Asian companies to gain access to these advantages and hedging their bets through a joint-venture strategy. Though reimbursement remains a concern as no countries provide full reimbursement patient pay total cost out-of-pocket in India; with well defined regulatory pathways, we believe Indian biopharma companies keep leveraging their strength of low cost manufacturing along with skilled workforce which would support them to gain global recognition.

Factories at India continue to have lions share of US Generics market, despite a couple of plants at India facing scrutiny from US FDA. India has 526 USFDA units in which 403 int

Uniform Code On Sales And Marketing Practices In India: The Ground Reality & The Implications

Nothing Much Has Changed on the Ground Following the Issue of the Guidelines

More Sophisticated Ways of Bribing Invented
Different Companies Respond Differently in Tackling the Guidelines
Gifting Policy Changed
Gifting Policy Changed

If Enforced Effectively Uniform Codes Can Bring Signicant Changes on the Ground Lack of Will and Cut-Throat Competition are Bottlenecks in Implementing Ethical Practices

Drug Sampling Policies Most Improved

Uniform Codes Were Not Relayed Properly to the Field Force Strong Enforcement of Guidelines May Hamper Revenues In Beginning, But Will Balanced Out In Long Run:

Doctors Become More Cautious In Dealing With Pharma Companies Following MCI And DOP Guidelines, Yet A Mutual Understating With Pharma Cos Matures and Finds Ways To Reciprocate Business:

Table 1: Domestic Sales As Percent Of Total Sales
Table 2: Alleged Nexus Among Doctors & Pharma Cos: Complain Vs. Action Trend
Table 3: Uniform Code For Marketing Practices Deliberations Vs. Ground Reality
Table 4: Various Promotional Ways To Incur As Expenses By Pharma Companies

Other Notable Developments in Indian Pharma

Issuance Of Warning Letters To Indian Facilities By Usfda: Not A Concern
Table 5: India Pharma: Fda Warning Letter Review 2010-2013

Biosimilar Perspective For Indian Market

Table 6: Approved Biosimilars In India
Table 7: Select Biosimilars Collaborations Till Date
Indian Similar Biologics Guideline: Overview

Drug Discovery Development In India


Sun Pharma - Strong Management Team Absolute And Comparative Advantage
Key Thesis

Domestic market balanced portfolio, sustainable base
Table 1: Chronic Disease Focused Portfolio Leadership in Domestic Oncology Market is Likely to be Maintained Overseas Market Business Solid Fundamentals Promise Future Growth
Table 2: Year Wise Approvals In The Us Derma A protable Segment with High entry barrier
Table 3: Therapy Wise Approvals In The Us A Decent Base in Europe Beyond Generics - Investing in Innovation

Improving Generics
True Innovation
Annexure 1: History Of Creating Value Through Executing Value Assets

CIPLA: Major Change in Business Model
Key Thesis

Changing Leaderships, Changing Business Philosophies: Only Time will Unfold the Outcome Acquisition of Medpro A Signal Indicating Change in the Global Business Strategy Domestic market Business

Table 1: Respiratory CoverageSolid Base to Enter Front-End Marketing In Overseas Markets

Capabilities in the Respiratory Area
Table 2: Strong Manufacturing To Cater To Global Markets
Table 3:Wide Technology Platform Base Initiatives to Bring Value to the Society Continue

Accelerated Efforts in HIV/AIDS Field
Cancer Palliative Care & Training Center
alliance with Drugs for Neglected Diseases initiative
Annexure 1: Cipla Business Summary

DR REDDYS LAB - Focus on Complex Formulation and Biogenerics to Intensify
Key Thesis

Products continue to contribute US business:
Products expected to drive growth in future:
Russia/CIS Momentum Continues
Table 1: Leadership Products In Russia
Table 2: Growth Of Otc Sales In RussiaDomestic Formulations
Table 3: Growth Of Otc Sales In Russia

Annexure 1: Indian Inc- Dependence On Domestic Sales

IPCA Laboratories- Fine Chemicals to Formulation Global Leadership in Select Products

Key Thesis
Research and Development
Domestic Formulations Steady Growth
Anti Malarial Tender Business Strong Outlook
Export Formulation
WHO Prequalied Anti Malarial Producers

IPCA Laboratories- Fine Chemicals to Formulation Global Leadership in Select Products

Key Thesis
Research and Development
Domestic Formulations Steady Growth
Anti Malarial Tender Business Strong Outlook
Export Formulation
Who Prequalied Anti Malarial Producers

Lupin Pharma - US and Japan Generic Business Key for Long Term Growth

Key Thesis
Japan Supplies from India to Improve Margins
Domestic Disappointed
Branded business
Upcoming FTF Opportunities
Generic Business Key Highlights
R&D Investments

Natco Pharma - Leveraging Chemistry, Formulation and IP Strengths For US and India markets

Key Thesis
Domestic Formulations Oncology Focused Portfolio
API Exports
NCE Pipeline
Key Oncology drugs in Domestic Market To Add Value In coming Years
Export Formulation

Shasun Chemicals & Drugs Limited - On Path to become a Fully integrated Pharma Company

Key Thesis
CRAMS business
Biotechnology and Nanotechnology
New facility in Development
Shasun Pharma Solutions Limited, UK

Shilpa Medicare - A Leader in Oncology API, Expanding into Non-Onco, Peptides and Complex Formulations

Key Thesis
Oncology API in Pipeline
Anti-retro viral, low margin business, competitive but sustains the cash ow
Non-Oncology APIs Under Development
Manufacturing Facilities
Research and Development
Acquisitions so far

Biocon Biocon Sits Comfortable with its Near & Long Term Contributory Products

Key Thesis
Near term growth drivers
Long term growth drivers
Branded Formulations and Contract Research Services Growing Robustly
World's rst trastuzumab biosimilar (Canmab) from BIOS
R&D Partnership Update in Fy13
Review of NCE Pipeline from BIOS
Evertor (Everolimus)-No competition yet in India
Insulin Business Update

Cadila Healthcare Ltd: One NCE launched and few in waiting, Bio-similars, Transdermal and Complex Generics launches thru 2016 Eventful Time Ahead

Key Thesis
Long term Outlook visible
US business expected to grow
Additional new products will revive JV business prospects in the near term
US approval of Two Transdermal products
Complex generics other than the transdermal opportunities
Mesalamine Franchise A low competition opportunity for CDH
Novel dual PPAR agonist: Saroglitazar outlook
Notable NCE/NBE Pipeline review including Biosimilar

Glenmark: Complex Generics and NDDS (Transdermal) will Show Signicant Growth

Key Thesis
Business Segments Review
Indian Market Position and US and RoW Business review
Glenmark Research Capabilities
R&D Pipeline Update

Panacea Biotec Ltd: Financial Trouble mounting, Acceptance of WHO pre-qualication and Formulation Business will revive the company

Key Thesis
Panacea has the ability to revive
Business segments review: India and International Business
Strategic Alliances
Research Capabilities
Formulation Platform Technologies Developed
Manufacturing Facilities- Regulatory Approval
WHO and UNICEF Vaccine Business Update

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