India Pharmaceutical & Healthcare Industry Report

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This report profiles Indias pharmaceuticals and healthcare industry, discussing market trends through 2015 and outlook for 2016 and beyond. The report also highlights leading players in the sector including Dr Reddys Laboratories Ltd, Cipla Ltd and Lupin Ltd.

Over the last decade, the Indian pharmaceutical and healthcare sector has taken great strides. Indias pharmaceutical sector has achieved new heights as the worlds most cost effective generic drugs manufacturer. Many Indian pharmaceutical companies have maintained the highest standards in purity, stability and international safety, health and environmental protection during the production process as well as the supply of bulk drugs. Competing fiercely with other emerging markets such as Brazil and China, India has carved a niche for itself in becoming one of the leading generic pharmaceutical manufacturers in the world.

The domestic pharmaceutical market continued on its growth trend in 2015, growing by 12% y/y. However, pharmaceuticals export growth slowed down further in the year due to the Indian rupee depreciation. Exports grew by only 4% in 2015, after experiencing double-digit growth of 11% in 2014. Going forward, a revival is expected in the sector backed by government support and various macro growth drivers, including rise in per capita income; rise in health insurance penetration; proliferation of healthcare services across remote areas; rise in l

1. Industry Profile
1.1 Sector overview
1.2 Sector size
1.3 Competitive landscape
1.4 Environmental scanning

2. Market Trends and Outlook
2.1 Key economic indicators-India
2.2 Health status indicators
2.3 Healthcare infrastructure
2.4 Domestic pharmaceuticals market
2.5 Pharmaceuticals exports
2.6 Mergers and acquisitions
2.7 Pharmaceutical research and patents
2.8 Market outlook

3. Leading Players and Comparative Matrix
3.1 Leading players
3.1.1 Dr Reddys Laboratories Limited (DRL)
3.1.2 Cipla Limited (Cipla)
3.1.3 Lupin Limited (Lupin)
3.2 Comparative matrix
3.3 SWOT analysis

4. Tables and Charts
Table 1: Role of the Department of Pharmaceuticals
Table 2: Responsibilities of NPPA
Table 3: Change in health infrastructure of the country
Table 4: Key financial ratios of leading players
Table 5: Latest financial results of the leading players

Chart 1: Breakup of global pharmaceutical market by region
Chart 2: Annual expenditure of Ministry of Health and Family Welfare
Chart 3: Size of Indian healthcare industry
Chart 4: Pharmaceutical exports from India
Chart 5: Estimated size of domestic pharmaceutical market
Chart 6: Market share of different players in the pharmaceutical sector of India
Chart 7: Cumulative FDI in the pharmaceutical and healthcare sector
Chart 8: Per capita expenditure on health
Chart 9: Breakup of Indian pharmaceutical market by type of drug
Chart 10: Quarterly GDP growth rate-India
Chart 11: Average monthly USD to INR exchange rate
Chart 12: Inflation-India
Chart 13: Repo rate
Chart 14: Contribution of industries in IIP by weights
Chart 15: Y/Y Change in index of industrial production
Chart 16: Child mortality rate (under 5 Years) per 1000 live births
Chart 17: Maternal mortality rate per 100,000 live births
Chart 18: Infant mortality rate (Under 1 Year) per 1000 live births
Chart 19: New HIV infections in India
Chart 20: Birth rate: India
Chart 21: Institution delivery
Chart 22: Cases of communicable diseases
Chart 23: Cases of non-communicable diseases
Chart 24: Shortage of medical professionals compared to health infrastructure
Chart 25: Segments of domestic pharmaceutical market by value
Chart 26: Market share of players in domestic pharmaceutical market by value
Chart 27: Major export destinations of Indian pharmaceuticals by value
Chart 28: Trade surplus in the pharmaceutical sector
Chart 29: Forecast for the size of Indian pharmaceutical sector
Chart 30: Breakup of companys revenue by segments (DRL)
Chart 31: Total revenues of DRL
Chart 32: Profit margin of DRL
Chart 33: Breakup of companys revenue by segments (Cipla)
Chart 34: Total revenues of Cipla
Chart 35: Profit margin of Cipla
Chart 36: Breakup of companys revenue by segments (Lupin)
Chart 37: Total revenues of Lupin
Chart 38: Profit margin of Lupin

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