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India: Healthcare covers the sector overview, sector size, competitive landscape and environmental scanning of the Indian healthcare industry. It also covers market trends and outlook, health status indicators, health infrastructure, human resources, foreign investments, medical tourism and health insurance, industry forecast, plus the profile, comparative matrix and SWOT analysis of the industry leading players: Apollo Hospitals Enterprise Limited, Fortis Healthcare Limited and Max India Limited.

Executive Summary

The Indian healthcare industry continued to show resilience in the face of slowdown in FY13 with leading healthcare players recording a double digit growth, both in revenues and net profits. The country is ranked amongst the lowest in the world in terms of government spending on infrastructure. Huge demand-supply gap exists in the Indian healthcare sector. The country lags behind in terms of average number of hospitals, hospital beds, doctors, nurses and other paramedical staff. The huge population accompanied with large prevalence of communicable and non-communicable diseases demands large scale development and growth in this sector. Private sector is playing a big role in this regard accounting for around 70% of the countrys health expenditure.

The governments flagship programme National Rural Health Mission (NRHM) has been quite successful in raising the standards of peoples health, healthcare infrastructure and healthcare delivery across the country within a short span of seven years. Buoyed by the success of NRHM in raising the rural health standards, the government grouped the National Urban Health Mission with NRHM under one umbrella programme named as the New National Health Mission.

The outlook for Indian healthcare is positive owing to double digit growth rate in almost all of its segments, whether its primary healthcare, secondary and tertiary healthcare, health insurance or medical tourism. The ever growing population, increasing government expenditure on health and growing per capita income will increase the size of this industry in the years to come.

1. Industry Profile
1.1 Sector overview
1.2 Sector size
1.3 Competitive landscape
1.4 Environmental Scanning
2. Market Trends and Outlook
2.1 Key economic indicators-India
2.2 Health status indicators
2.3 Healthcare infrastructure
2.4 Human resources
2.5 Foreign investments
2.6 Medical tourism & health insurance
2.7 Industry forecast
3. Leading Players and Comparative Matrix
3.1 Leading players
3.1.1 Apollo Hospitals Enterprise Limited
3.1.2 Fortis Healthcare Limited
3.1.3 Max India Limited
3.2 Comparative matrix
3.3 SWOT analysis

4. Tables & Charts

Table 1: World health financing statistics
Table 2: Targets to be achieved in respect of healthcare during 12th Plan
Table 3: Change in health infrastructure of the country
Table 4: Average population served per medical professional
Table 5: Top healthcare private equity deals of 2012
Table 6: Balance sheet parameters
Table 7: Valuation matrix

Chart 1: Annual spend on NRHM by union government
Chart 2: Size of Indian healthcare industry
Chart 3: Breakup of annual plan outlay of Ministry of Health
Chart 4: Cumulative FDI in the healthcare sector
Chart 5: Constituent parties in lower house of parliament
Chart 6: Per capita expenditure on health
Chart 7: Quarterly GDP growth rate
Chart 8: Average monthly USD to INR exchange Rate
Chart 9: Inflation during FY13-India
Chart 10: Index of industrial production
Chart 11: GDP by sectors
Chart 12: Percentage change over previous year- GDP by Sector
Chart 13: Child mortality rate
Chart 14: Maternal mortality rate
Chart 15: Infant mortality rate
Chart 16: HIV infections in India by states
Chart 17: India-birth rate
Chart 18: Number of institutional births
Chart 19: Cases of communicable diseases
Chart 20: Cases of non-communicable diseases
Chart 21: Shortage of medical professionals compared to health infrastructure
Chart 22: Average population served per government hospital
Chart 23: Average population served per government hospital bed
Chart 24: Health infrastructure under AYUSH department
Chart 25: Breakup of AYUSH hospitals by type of medicine system
Chart 26: Number of health workers in rural areas of India
Chart 27: Private equity investments in healthcare sector
Chart 28: Size of Indian health insurance industry-Forecast
Chart 29: Size of Indian healthcare industry-Forecast
Chart 30: Apollo Hospitals Enterprise Limited- Shareholding
Chart 31: Segment wise revenues of AHEL
Chart 32: Total revenues of AHEL
Chart 33: Profit margins of AHEL
Chart 34: Fortis Healthcare Limited- Shareholding
Chart 35: Geographic segment wise revenues of Fortis
Chart 36: Total revenues of Fortis
Chart 37: Profit margins of Fortis
Chart 38: Max India Limited- Shareholding
Chart 39: Segment wise revenues of Max India
Chart 40: Financials of Max India
Chart 41: Profit contribution of different segments

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