Infrastructure Sector in India 2014: Evaluating Existing and Upcoming Opportunities

Nov, 2014   |   206  Pages   |   SNP Infra Research solutions   |   Format : PDF

The report attempts to blend the factual status of the sector and present a dossier which would enable clients with reliable insights and clear opportunity map for all major verticals associated like Oil & Gas, Power, Roads, Railways, Ports, Aviation and Telecom sector. In this dossier SNP Infra Research delves deep to and most exhaustively examines the other opportunities associated with other segments of infrastructure like telecom, ports, railways, logistics and aviation which at large remains unaddressed. Through this report, SNP Infra Research attempts to unveil the opportunities involved financing the infrastructure segment projects and the current status of all the verticals indicated. The report provides highly reliable datasets and excellent insights on infrastructure sector and is a must buy for all allied stakeholders in the business value chain.

The 206 pages report covers the following topics-
-Infrastructure Growth Map in India
-Current Status of Oil & Gas Infrastructure of India
-Opportunities in Engineering & Construction for Oil & Gas Infrastructure in India
-Current Status of Power Infrastructure of India
-Opportunities in Engineering & Construction for Power Infrastructure in India
-Current Status of Roads & Highways Infrastructure of India
-Opportunities in Engineering & Construction for Roads & Highways in India
-Current Status and Opportunities

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