Kinetics of Indian Telecom Industry-2014

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This report presents the dynamics of Indian Telecom Industry compiled exhaustively titled Kinetics of Indian Telecom Industry-2014.The telecommunications sector plays an increasingly important role in the Indian economy. It contributes to Gross Domestic Product (GDP), generates revenue for the government and creates employment.

Demand side factorsultra low cost of handsets, low tariffs and ultimately the ease of using a phoneas well as supply side factors have made mobiles popular in India. The number of Internet subscribers has increased but the number of data subscribers far exceeds the former. The Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) is the most favoured technology to access the Internet through the personal computer (PC). Other services like Village Public Telephones (VPTs), Public Call Offices (PCOs), and Public Mobile Radio Trunk Service (PMRTS) and Very Small Aperture Terminal Services (VSAT) show slower growth.

The data show that private providers dominate the four services including wireless subscriptions, data services, PMRTS and VSAT, while public service provi dominate the other sectors. Usage statistics also show that Indians talk more on the phone than their international counterparts. The revenue statistics show that service providers are earning 50 per cent of their revenue from calls and 8.3 per cent from Short Message Service (SMS). Ringtones form the dominant category of value-added services (VAS).

1. Executive Summary

2. Indias Growth Story
2.1 Factors driving Indias Growth
2.2 Growth of Indias Purchasing Power
2.3 Infrastructure: A Challenge or Opportunity?

3. Current Status of Indias Telecom Sector
3.1 Brief Overview of the Telecommunications Sector
3.2 Importance of Telecommunications Sector

4. Trends in the Telecommunication Sector
4.1 Introduction
4.2 International Comparisons
4.3 Growth of Telecommunication Services in India
4.4 Regional Variations
4.5 Trends in Telecommunication and Manufacturing
4.6 Conclusion portunity?

5. Segments of Indian Telecom Sector
5.1 Telephony
5.1.1 Fixed Telephony
5.1.2 Mobile Telephony
5.2 Internet
5.2.1 Wireless Internet Wi-Fi Wi Max
5.3 Data Centres
5.4 Broadcasting
5.5 Next Generation Networks (NGN)

6. Policy and Regulatory Environment
6.1 Changes in Government Policies Over the Year
6.2 Acts and Policies
6.2.1 Indian Telegraph Act, 1985
6.2.2 The Indian Wireless Telegraphy Act,1933
6.2.3 National Telecom Policy, 1994
6.2.4 Cable Television Network Act,1995
6.2.5 New Telecom Policy, 1999
6.2.6 Broadband Policy 2004
6.3 Regulations:
6.3.1 Interconnection
6.3.2 Tariff Orders
6.3.3 Quality of Service
6.3.4 Commercial Communication
6.3.5 Mobile Number Portability
6.3.6 Accounting and Separation
6.3.7 Miscellaneous

7. Investment in the Indian Telecom Sector
7.1 Introduction
7.2 Investment Made till Date
7.3 Foreign Direct Investment(FDI) Till Date
7.4 Conclusion

8. Economic Impact of Indian Telecom Sector
8.1 Introduction
8.2 Macro Impact
8.3 ICT and Economic Development
8.3.1 Agriculture
8.3.2 Fisheries
8.3.3 Small and Medium Enterprises
8.3.4 Security Management Systems Military Private Security Forces
8.4 Impact on Individual Sections of Society
8.4.1 Gender
8.4.2 Youth
8.4.3 Urban Poor
8.4.4 Social Capital
8.5 Increased Business Opportunities
8.5.1 e-Education
8.5.2 e-Health or m-Health
8.5.3 e-Governance or m-Governance
8.5.4 e-Commerce or m-Commerce
8.5.5 e-Banking or m-Banking
8.5.6 Entertainment
8.5.7 Security Organisations
8.5.8 Location Based Services

9. SWOT Analysis of Important Players in Indian Telecom Sector
9.1 Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL)
9.2 Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Limited (MTNL
9.3 Airtel
9.4 Idea
9.5 Vodafone
9.6 Tata Indicom
9.7 Reliance Communications
9.8 Aircel

10. Conclusion
10.1 Introduction
10.2 Challenges faced
10.3 Changes in Policies to be made
10.4 Investment Challenges faced
10.5 Advantage India

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