India Wi-Fi USB Adapter Market, CY H2' 2014

May, 2015   |   6wresearch   |   Format : Excel

Growing number of netizens in India have positively affected in the growth of Indias Telecommunication market. Further, increasing demand for mobility, ease of connectivity and cost-effectiveness of wireless network has spurred the market for Wi-Fi USB adapters in India.

According to 6Wresearch, India Wi-Fi USB Adapter shipments registered 0.24 million units during CY H2 2014. TP-Link led the market followed by Digisol and Leoxsys. In CY H2 2014, in connectivity segment, USB 2.0 interface registered around 90% share of the total market. However, in the coming quarters, demand for USB 3.0 connectivity is likely to increase due to its ability to provide higher throughput transfer speed as compared to the USB 2.0 Wi-Fi USB Adapters."

Key features of the report:

1. Total Wi-Fi USB Adapter shipment in India
2. Market share by various players in various segments and specifications
3. Shipments by market players
4. Model wise shipments by each company
5. Price of each model
6. Specifications covering
6.1 Company
6.2 Model No.
6.3 Type Of Interface
6.4 IEEE 802.11B Protocol Support
6.5 IEEE 802.11G Protocol Support
6.6 IEEE 802.11N Protocol Support
6.7 Maximum Output Power
6.8 Supported OS
6.9 Antenna (Internal/External)
6.10 Maximum Wireless Transmission Rate
6.11 Frequency
6.12 Company Dimensions

1. India Wi-Fi USB Adapter Market

2. Wi-Fi USB Adapter by Price

3. Wi-Fi USB Adapter Market By Specifications
3.1 Company
3.2 Model No.
3.3 Type Of Interface
3.4 IEEE 802.11B Protocol Support
3.5 IEEE 802.11G Protocol Support
3.6 IEEE 802.11N Protocol Support
3.7 Maximum Output Power
3.8 Supported OS
3.9 Antenna (Internal/External)
3.10 Maximum Wireless Transmission Rate
3.11 Frequency
3.12 Company Dimensions

4. Market Share Of the Companies:
4.1 Overall Market Share
4.2 Market share By Specifications

5. Companies Covered in this dataset (Partial List)
5.1 TP-Link
5.2 Digisol
5.3 Leoxsys
5.4 Netgear
5.5 D-Link
5.6 Tenda

6. Series Covered in this excel sheet: CY H2' 2014
6.1 Wi-Fi USB Adapter unit shipments by players
6.2 Type of Wi-Fi USB Adapter
6.3 Model wise unit shipments
6.4 Price band
6.5 Specifications

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