Global Hadoop Market by Country (United States, Canada, India, China, Japan, United Kingdom), Company Profiles, Share, Trends, Analysis, Size, Opportunities, Segmentation and Forecast 2015 - 2021

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Hadoop is a data storage processing system that enables data storage, file sharing, data analytics etc. The technology is scalable & enables effective analysis from large unstructured data therefore adding value. With increasing role of social media and internet communication Hadoop is being largely used by various spectrum of companies ranging from Facebook to Yahoo. Other big users of Hadoop include Cloudera, Hortonworks, IBM, Amazon, Intel, Mapr, Microsoft. This technology facilitates its users to handle more data through enhanced storage capacity also enables data retrieval in case of hardware failure.

Hadoop as a solution is increasingly offering data retrieval and data security features. These features are getting better with time. This is leading to enhanced solution to database management systems (DBMS). Hadoop software is the highest growing market in comparison to hardware and services. In terms of geographical segmentation, North America expected to lead the revenues in this market due to higher rate of technology adoption.

The exploding big data from the web has generated huge opportunities for storage and analytics software. The development of e-commerce results in increase in amount of unstructured data from social media. As a result, large and complex datasets are being generated in almost all business activities. Due to which the need for storage, maintenance, and analysis of such data sets has arrived. Hadoop has the ability to handle all
1. 1. Executive Summary

2. Key components of Hadoop:
2.1. Hardware
2.1.1.  Servers
2.1.2.  Storage
2.1.3.  Network
2.2. Software
2.2.1.  Application Software
2.2.2. Management Software
2.2.3.  Packaged Software
2.2.4. Performance Monitoring Software
2.3. Services
2.3.1.  Consulting, Training, & outsourcing
2.3.2.  Integration & Deployment.
2.3.3.  Middleware and Support Services

3. Challenges in Hadoop market:
3.1. Quality search
3.2. Data handling
3.3. Threat analysis
3.4. Storage

4. Key motivator for Hadoop in the market
4.1. Meteoric Growth in Big Data
4.2. Cloud Providers looking ahead for Hadoop as a Service
4.3. Increasing importance of Data Driven Marketing
4.4. Help Fraud Detectives to evaluate fraud pattern

5. Competitive Intelligence
5.1. Key Vendors
5.1.1. Cloudera
5.1.2. Hortonworks
5.1.3. Microsoft
5.1.4. Mapr
5.1.5. HP
5.1.6.  Intel
5.2. Key Users
5.2.1.  Amazon
5.2.2.  Face book
5.2.3.  IBM
5.2.4. Google
5.2.5. Yahoo
5.3. Key Strategies
5.4. Market growth and Market Shares

6. Sector Analysis: Market for associated segments& trends
6.1. Big data
6.2. Data base management system(DBMS)
6.3. Distributed file sharing system(DFS)
6.4. Other allied

7. Application of Hadoop market
7.1. Retail
7.2. Banking
7.3. Telecommunication
7.4. Media & Entertainment
7.5. Health care & life science
7.6. Others

8. Geographical analysis
North America
1. U.S.
2. Canada
3. UK
4. Germany
5. Italy
6. France
7. Spain
8. RoE
9. China
10. Japan
11. India
12. South Korea
13. Taiwan
14. RoAPAC

9. Corporate profiling
1. Intel
2. Cloudera
3. Hortonworks
4. Microsoft
5. MapR Technologies
6. IBM
7. Amazon
8. Cisco Systems Inc
9. Datameer
10. Teradata Corporation
11.  Informatica
12. Pentaho
13. Hadapt
14. Cask
15. Qubole
16. Alpine Data Labs
17. Appfluent
18. DataStax
19. Apache Bigtop
20. Cascading
21. Cloudspace
22. Datamine Lab
23. Data Salt
24. Data Torrent
25. Hstreaming
26. Impetus
27. Apache Mahout
28. Nutch
29. VM Ware
30. Emblocsoft

List of Tables

Global Hadoop Market by Application in $ million
Global Hadoop Market by Type in $ million
Global Hadoop Market by Geography in $ million
North America Hadoop Market in $ million
Asia Pacific Hadoop Market in $ million
Europe Hadoop Market in $ million
Row Hadoop Market in $ million
Hadoop Software Market by Geography in $ million
Hadoop Hardware Market by Geography in $ million
Hadoop Service Market by Geography in $ million
Hadoop Healthcare Market by Geography in $ million
Hadoop Retail Market by Geography in $ million
Hadoop Telecom Market by Geography in $ million
Hadoop BFSI Market by Geography in $ million
Hadoop Media & EntertainmentMarket by Geography in $ million
Hadoop Government Service Market by Geography in $ million
Hadoop IT & IES Market by Geography in $ million
Global Hadoop Software Market in $ million
Global Hadoop Hardware Market in $ million
Global Hadoop Services Market in $ million

List of Figures

Global Big Data Market Estimation for 2013-2021
Mobile Application Deployment by Platform(2009-2011)
Market Share of Hadoop Vendors in 2013
Hadoop Application Software market in $million (2013- 2021)
Hadoop Packaged Software Market Estimation in $million (2013-2021)
Hadoop Management & Performance Monitoring Software Market in $ million(2013-2021)
Hadoop Storage market in $million (2013- 2021)
Hadoop Server market in $million (2013- 2021)
Hadoop Network market in $million (2013- 2021)
Hadoop Consulting Services Market in $ million(2013-2021)
Hadoop Integration & Deployment Market in $ million(2013-2021)
Hadoop Middleware & Suport Service Market in $ million(2013-2021)
North America Hadoop Market in $million (2013-2021)
European Hadoop Market in $ million(2013-2021)
Asia Pacific Hadoop Market  in $million (2013-2021)

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