Global Internet Of Things Market by Country (United States, Canada, India, China, Japan, United Kingdom), Company Profiles, Share, Trends, Analysis, Size, Opportunities, Segmentation and Forecast 2015 - 2021

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Internet of things solutions enables wireless connectivity of devices which is changing the way people live and interact within their environment. Various IoT developments and the meteoric rise of smart devices and cloud based software and apps are transforming nearly every aspect of our lives. The global internet of things market constitute of various wired and wireless technologies such as Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), Near Field Communication, Zigbee, Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA) and so on. Various components that are used to establish the internet of things network such as sensors, device gateway, LAN, Router, Switch, Cloud also forms the internet of things market.

Key findings

It is expected that globally up to 50 billion smart devices, ranging from cars and parking meters to coffee machines and combine harvesters could be connected to the internet by 2021, whereas, in 2010 the number of connected devices was 12.5 billion globally.
The global internet of things is expected to grow exponentially during the forecasted period of 2015-2021.The market is estimated to reach up to $2620 billion by 2021 growing at a CAGR 13.13% from 2015-2021.
The major drivers are increasing awareness levels of the consumers for wearable technology and smart home appliances. Industrial & Manufacturing application market is growing at the highest CAGR of 14.27% during 2015-2021. The rising demand for increasing efficiency fro
Chap1. Executive Summary
1.1. Market Estimations

Chap2. Market Overview
2.1. Market Definition
2.2. IoT Architecture
2.3. Evolution of IoT
2.4. Characteristics of IoT
2.5. Key Participants
2.6. Value Chain Analysis
2.7. Key Findings( Market Trend vs Market Opportunity)
2.8. Regional Regulatory Scenario
2.9. Agencies, Standards & Benchmarks
2.9.1. Ipso Alliance
2.9.2. NFC Forum
2.9.3. Vurb
2.9.4. EPC global
2.9.5. Smart Energy Profile (Sep)
2.9.6. Cluster Of European Research Projects On IoT (Cerp-Iot)

Chap3. Competitive Landscape
3.1. Market share
3.2. Key Strategies

Chap4. Market Determinants
4.1. Drivers of IoT Market
4.2. Restraints of IoT Market
4.3. Opportunities in IoT Market
4.4. Challenges in IoT Market

Chap5. Global Internet of Things Market by Enabling Technologies
5.1. Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)
5.2. M2M Communication Technology
5.2.1. Bluetooth (SIG)
5.2.2. Wi-Fi (Alliance)
5.2.3. Weightless (SIG)
5.2.4. Near Field Communication (NFC)
5.3. Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA)
5.4. ZigBee
5.5. Cloud Management Technologies
5.6. Others

Chap6. Global Internet of Things Market By Component
6.1. Sensors
6.2. Device
6.4. Device Gateway
6.5. Router/Switch/ Gateway
6.6. WAN
6.7. Cloud
6.8. Presentation Device

Chap7. Internet of Things Market by Applications
7.1. Consumer services and smart homes
7.2. Automotive and transit
7.3. Health care
7.4. Smart Energy: smart meters and grids
7.5. Logistics supply chain
7.6. Oil, gas, manufacturing and industrial
7.7. Government
7.8. Others

Chap8. Geographical Analysis
8.1. North America
8.1.1. US
8.1.2. Canada
8.2. Europe
8.2.1. UK
8.2.2. Germany
8.2.3. France
8.2.4. Italy
8.2.5. Spain
8.3. Asia-Pacific (APAC)
8.3.1. China
8.3.2. Japan
8.3.3. India
8.3.4. Australia
8.4. RoW
8.4.1. Middles East 7 Africa
8.4.2. Latin America

Chap9. Company Profiles
9.1. Alcatel-Lucent S.A.
9.2. At&T INC.
9.3. Cisco System Inc.
9.4. Huawei Technologies CO. LTD
9.5. Nxp Semiconductors NV
9.6. International Business Machine Corporation (IBM)
9.7. Google, INC.
9.8. Intel Corporation
9.9. Qualcomm Incorporated
9.10. Gemalto NV

List of Tables

Table 1 Global Internet of Things Market Size, Applications, 20142021 ($Billions)
Table 2 Global IoT and Machine-to-Machine Communications Market, By Technology 20142021 ($Billions)
Table 3 Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Market by Region 20142021 ($Billions)
Table 4 EnOcean Technology Market by Region 20142021 ($Billions)
Table 5 Bluetooth (SIG) Market by Region 20142021 ($Billions)
Table 6 Wi-Fi (Alliance) Market by Region 20142021 ($Billions)
Table 7 Weightless (SIG) Market by Region 20142021 ($Billions)
Table 8 Near Field Communication (NFC) market by Region 20142021 ($Billions)
Table 9 GSM market by Region 20142021 ($Billions)
Table 10 North America Internet of Things Market by Region 20142021 ($Billions)
Table 11 Europe Internet of Things Market by Region 20142021 ($Billions)
Table 12 Asia Pacific Internet of Things Market by Region 20142021 ($Billions)
Table 13 RoW Internet of Things Market by Region 20142021 ($Billions)

List of Figures

Figure 1 Internet of Things Market segments, 20142021
Figure 2 Value Chain Analysis
Figure 3 Key Findings of IoT market: Opportunities vs Trends
Figure 4 Internet of Things Market Share 2014
Figure 5 Market Segmentation: By Technologies
Figure 6 Market Segmentation: By Internet of Things Components
Figure 7 Market Segmentation: By Application
Figure 8 Market Segmentation: By Region
Figure 9 Internet of Things: Market Determinants
Figure 10 Internet of Things Regional Paradigm

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