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Internet penetration in India has shown rapid progress. As of March 2013, there were 125 million users. While escalating internet growth has opened up multiple opportunities for Indias cyber citizens, it has simultaneously given rise to the very real threat of cyber crime.

Investment in IT security systems is considerably lower in India as compared to other developing countries. It has been observed that most business organizations lack even basic IT security systems in India. A report by industry experts reveals that nearly 80 percent of Indian business enterprises have reported data theft through online hacking. The cost of computer crimes have reached a whopping USD 10 billion; India is ranked fifth in terms of e-commerce security breaches.

Global cyber attacks is on a constant rise, with 50 percent of all attacks aimed at businesses with an employee strength of less than 2,500. The major targeted area of cyber attacks in 2012 was businesses with fewer than 250 employees, amounting to 31 percent of all targeted attacks.

The IT security market in India recorded a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 16.4 percent from 2012-2017. The sector is anticipated to grow further with a juge untapped market. Some of the major drivers of the industry include a rise in the use of IT enabled services, improved internet penetration and the awareness of SMBs on the importance of investing in IT security in order to protect data.

IT security is an essential constituent of an organization's IT system, and the need for IT security is expected to continue to its upward trend. All over the world, IT threats are becoming more sophisticated and organizations are demanding new, robust, affordable and upgraded security solutions in order to protect confidential data. The Indian IT security market remained dynamic in 2011, with considerable rise in outsourcing work. Meanwhile, off-shore data storage continued to threaten Indian companies with possible cyber attacks.

In the current scheme of things, companies need to acclimatize to the new post-perimeter world and look for security solutions that are not dependant on antivirus signatures as a means of protection from malware attacks. This will undoubtedly be advantageous for companies seeking effective IT security solutions.

1. Overview

2. Global Cyber Attack Trends
2.1 Industry-wise Cyber Attack Trends

3. IT Security Market

4. Cyber Hacking Structure

5. Forms of Cyber Threats

6. Financial Loss due to Cyber Crime in India
6.1 Smartphone Security Market in India

7. IT Security Threats in India
7.1 Trends in Cyber Attacks in India
7.1.1 Malicious Activity by Source: Network Attack Origins - 2012
7.1.2 Malicious Activity by Source: Web Attack Origins - 2012
7.1.3 Malicious Activity by Source: Spam Zombies - 2012
7.1.4 Malicious Activity by Source: Malicious Code - 2012

8. Outlook

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